The make-up style of the Euphoria series with its different style

Glitters… glitters… eyeshadows… colorful eyeliners! Can we define the Euphoria sequence in this way? Why not! The different makeup looks of HBO’s popular series Euphoria were enough to start a new trend. In fact, it kind of challenged the classics and started a trend: Euphoria makeup! Now everyone is much more colorful, much more creative…

The make-up director of the series, Doniella Davy, explained that she took her inspiration from the Z generation with her fearless trend understanding. The make-ups made show such an exaggerated stance that it is a high school series. The way she talks about herself a little bit… In fact, Euphoria’s first season consists of sheer make-up looks, while the make-up looks of the second season aim to reflect the feelings and conditions in which the characters find themselves, a kind of reflection of the ups and downs… Doniella Davy puts her signature on the youth without rules with her make-up.

Cassie Howard

Cassie, played by Sydney Sweeney, is a very recognizable and attractive young lady who makes the wrong decisions and actually ignores her own wishes to please everyone. That’s why Davy adds a softer, more surreal look as a reflection of Cassie’s character. The most striking point in Cassie’s character is the adhesives sticking around the eyes, making this soft make-up look very cool and iconic.

Maddy Perez

The main theme of Maddy’s gaze this period was eyeliner as sharp as her insults. The longer the tail of the eyeliner, the more it reflected the Maddy character. Maddy’s character has a lot of self-confidence, which creates arrogance in her attitudes, so long eyeliners are exactly compared to Maddy. Maddy, who has a feminine make-up, preferred minimalism in the rest of her make-up. The only point that stands out like Maddy in the series is the long eyeliner tails.


Kat Hernandez

This period, Davy must have wanted to go with Kat’s character with more colorful tones, as we see many shades of blue in Kat’s eyeshadow. In fact, Kat appears with red berry-colored lips and peach eyeshadow at the beginning of the period, but halfway through the period, a transition to blue eyeshadow is achieved right from Maddy’s birthday. 60s Twiggy inspiration reappears in Kat’s makeup.

Lexi Howard

Lexi’s character is introverted, sensitive and gentle, and her make-up is far from exaggerated. Davy, who did not want to lose his slightly retro vibe due to his type and actually appearance, wanted to do more than red lips in the second period. Davy, who showed his Twiggy mood in Lexi, adapted his softer limited eyeliner tail to Lexi’s character, like Lexi’s character, rather than hard eyeliner tails like Maddy.

Jules Vaughn

Jules’ appearance in period 2 is the exact opposite of the Jules we know. In the first period, we see pastel colors, bright shades and a young girl keeping up with Y2k fashion in Jules’ appearance, while in the second period we see Jules with short hair, sharper borders and a more masculine form. While Davy applied a more androgynous style to Jules’ appearance this period, he wanted to use a more abstract approach to his make-up.