3 makeup tricks that will instantly make you look younger

With or without makeupYou look great, we are sure! No one should be ashamed of wrinkles either. Lots of good reasons to love your wrinkles there is . They are normal, they give character to our faces and sooner or later we will all be impressed.

But if you enjoy doing makeup, you can make yourself a few years younger with smart makeup tricks. Because let’s be honest: Don’t we all want that sometimes? With the right tricks, you can add extra freshness and youth to your face and still look natural.

3 makeup tricks that will instantly make you look younger

1. Use a primer

The basis of your makeup should be a primer. In German you can adequately translate the primer with the primer. Have you ever used a base coat when painting your nails? The concept behind it is just like the top down. The lining for the face is usually colorless or very lightly coloured. But what exactly does a primer do for makeup? It refines pores, hides fine lines and fills in wrinkles. This smoothes your skin and prepares it completely for make-up. After all, undercoated make-up is easy to apply and usually lasts longer.

So precious: thanks to the primer, foundation has a harder time settling into your wrinkles, which will accentuate them even more.

2. Concealer against dark circles

Concealer is a concealer that you can use before or after applying your foundation. Concealer works wonders around your eyes, that is, in the inner corners of your eyes and under your eyes.can create . right hereshadow it is very valuable. Because: If you apply an unsuitable shade of concealer, you can achieve the opposite effect in a quick form. We recommend choosing a lighter shade than your normal make-up.


3. Highlight certain parts of your face

This is possible with special powders containing particles that reflect light. Highlights create highlights and deftly highlight individual areas such as cheekbones, chin, nose or eyelids. To do this, apply the powder specifically to the areas you want to highlight. There are even special brushes for applying illuminator on the Internet and in pharmacies. In an emergency, a finger will do. However: Use the highlighter sparingly. It is not designed to be applied extensively to one face.