7th Watsons Beauty and Personal Care Awards found their winners

The seventh of the Classic Watsons Pleasure and Personal Care Awards was held on Thursday, 29 July at Swissôtel The Bosphorus – Istanbul. In the special night attended by many famous names from business and social life, the winning works and famous names met with their awards.

Leading the trends and leading the way in the field of pleasantness and personal care in Turkey Watsons Turkey, which this year organized its seventh Watsons Amenity and Self Care RewardsAt the awards night, famous names who stand out with the best works of the year and their achievements, niceties and styles were awarded.

Famous artists hosted the award night Çağla Şikeland Emre Kinay assumed. The entertaining dialogues between the two gave the guests enjoyable moments.

Works of pleasure and individual care “the best”determined by the 7. Watsons Pleasure and Personal Care Awardsin, 25in different category 125 candidate productsvoted by customers, influencers and members of the press. With close to 1 million votesThe works that were determined and received the most votes in their categories “Best Product of the Year”deserved to be.

The awards were given to their owners with the award ceremony held at Swissôtel The Bosphorus – Istanbul on Thursday, 29 July. On this special night, “the most beautiful products of the year” were rewarded; Famous names that draw attention with their success, pleasantness and style also met with their awards in 7 different categories.

In the award ceremony, where many elements were signed, entertaining and impressive performances fascinated the guests, and the ceremony was held for the first time. Philharmonic Orchestra It was also appreciated for being an award ceremony accompanied by an award ceremony. Prizes were given to the winners in the night with a unique musical feast.

The night started with the presentation of Turkey’s leading stage performers Çağla Şıkel and Emre Kınay, one of the master names of the Turkish Theatre. Haldun Dormenhonoring the stage for the first time in years Nevra Serezli, Pamela Spence, Sinem Yalçınkaya Akkaya and İrem Dericiwith the musical group of Luxury Lifetold.

The musical performance of Nevra Serezli and Dormen, who took the stage for the first time at the Haldun Dormen Theater, left its mark on the night. Korel Algerian was the director of 5 Corner Musical, under the direction of Maestro Aytuğ Ülgen. Watsons Private Philharmonic Orchestraand choreographed by choreographer Işık Doğan Watsons Dancersstaged with.

The costumes of the night were prepared by Cihan Nacar, the costume of Çağla Şıkel by Hakan Akkaya and the costume of Emre Kınay by Kiğılı.

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As part of the environmental axis of Watsons’ Sustainable Life mission, a sapling was donated to the TEMA Foundation for each guest, in cooperation with the TEMA Foundation.

On the social sustainability axis, a new one was added to the award categories for the first time this year, with the aim of encouraging women to increase their participation in business life and the economy. Companies with the highest rate of female employees and producing on behalf of Watsons were rewarded.

At the award ceremony attended by many famous names from business and social life Mete Yurddas, General Manager of Watsons Turkey “As Watsons, we are pleased and proud to hold the seventh of the classic Watsons Pleasure and Personal Care Awards this year. With the strength and motivation we get from you, we work with all our strength and devotion to make it better every year. I would like to thank all of our customers, influencers and members of the press who voted close to 1 million to determine the most beautiful works of the year in the section of pleasantness and personal care in Turkey. We are very pleased to be able to be in the middle physically again this year. As always, I would like to thank you very much for not leaving us alone and joining our night.”

Special Category Rewards:

  1. Influencers’ Choice:L’Oreal Paris Air Mega Volume Mascara
  2. Press Selection: Bepanthol Skin Care Cream
  3. Watsons Card Members’ Choice: Bepanthol Skin Care Cream

Best of the Best:

  1. Work of the Year: L’Oreal Paris Air Mega Volume Mascara
  2. The Most Appropriate Social Responsibility Project of the Year: Simple and Watsons October 4th Animal Protection Day Animal Rights Project
  3. Supplier Companies with the Highest Rate of Female Employees of the Year: Atak Farma Kozmetik Kimya Sanayi, Gülşah Üretim Kozmetik Sanayi, Treda Fast Consumption Works Sales and Distribution
  4. Partner of the Year: Henkel
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Famous Names Who Receive Watsons Special Award Overnight

  1. Most Pleasant Skin:Gospel Expert
  1. The Most Pleasant Eye:Tuba Unsal
  1. The Most Pleasant Hair:Derya Ulug
  1. The Most Pleasant Smile:Enis Arikan
  2. The Most Stylish Man:Hakan Akkaya
  1. Inspirational Lady:Begum Corporal
  1. Forever Success:Haldun Dormen

Watsons Pleasure and Personal Care Award Categories:

one. Best Mascara of the Year:L’Oreal Paris Air Mega Volume Mascara
2. Best Eyeshadow Palette of the Year:I Heart Revolution Tasty Coffee Extra Marshmallow Eyeshadow Palette
3. Best Foundation of the Year:Nyx Professional Makeup Born To Glow Foundation
4. Best Lip Artwork of the Year:Maybelline Lifter Lip Gloss
5. The Most Beautiful Eyebrow Artwork of the Year:Show By Pastel Transparent Eyebrow and Eyelash Mascara
6. The Smoothest Facial Care of the Year:Nivea Make Up Expert Moisturizing Makeup Base
7. Best Face Mask of the Year:Garnier Hyaluronic Aloe Refreshing Face Mask
8. The Most Appropriate Anti-Aging Artwork of the Year:Revolution Skincare Wrinkle Reverse 10% Matrixyl Serum
9. Best Korean Delight of the Year:Pure Beauty Urban Shield Antioxidant & Antipollution Moisturizing Gel
10. The Most Appropriate Healthy Life Work of the Year:Naturagen Collagen Chassis Beauty Assist
11th. The Best Dermo Cosmetic Art of the Year:Revolution Skincare 10% Niacinamide & Zinc Serum
12. The Most Appropriate Body Care Work of the Year:Bepanthol Skin Care Cream
13. The Most Appropriate Male Grooming Work of the Year:Nivea B&W Strong Effect Men’s Deodorant Spray
14. Smoothest Shower Gel of the Year:Le Petit Marseillais Organic Watermelon and Basil Shower Gel
15. of the year Best Deodorant:Rexona Aloe Vera and Bamboo Women’s Deodorant Spray
16. Best Oral Care Work of the Year:Sensodyne Repair and Defense Whitening Toothpaste
17. The Most Appropriate Herbal Hair Care Product of the Year:Ogx Extra Strong Argan Shampoo
18. of the year Best Shampoo:Pantene Bamboo & Biotin Long & Strong Shampoo
19. Best Hair Color of the Year:Koleston Hair Dye
20. Best Hair Care Work of the Year:Herbal Science Boom Butter Hair Care Oil
21. Best Men’s Shampoo of the Year:Head&Shoulders 2-in-1 Medium Menthol Refreshment Shampoo
22. of the year Most Innovative Work:Revolution Brow Soap and Shaper
23. The Smoothest Watsons Feature of the Year:Revolution X Friends Friends Series
24. of the year Most Sufficient Watsons Branded Artwork:Watsons Lip Balm with Sunscreen GKF30+
25. Best Sustainable Lifetime Artifact of the Year:Celenes Thermal Facial Cleansing Gel