Post summer skin care program

One of the valuable points to be considered, especially after the summer, is to act consciously against skin and stain care applied unconsciously to the skin in centers where there are no health professionals. Because laser applications that are not performed under the supervision of a specialist can cause significant damage to the health of the skin.

While taking advantage of the beneficial effects of the sun during the summer months and vacation times, when we enjoy the sea, sand and sun best, it is necessary to know how to protect ourselves from its damaging effects. Because the sun’s UVA and UVB rays cause a lot of damage to our health, from skin aging, which we call photoaging, to cancer.

In the summer period, with the effect of sun damage, staining increases with the pigmentation of many melanocytes, which gives the skin its color, and the cells lose fluid and collagen. In order to eliminate this damage, special Italian peelings with black ginger, mandelic and ferulic acid containing black ginger, mandelic and ferulic acid and detoxifying effect on the skin (with the feature of removing blackheads-large pores-oil buttons) and simultaneous laser skin toning technology are in the middle of our current applications.
Of course, hyaluronic acid, which increases the moisture holding capacity of the skin; Applying mesococtails, which solve problems such as fine wrinkles and sagging skin with ginger polynucleotides and antioxidants, for a few sessions with 15-day periods on the return of summer, is an extremely active approach in preparing the skin for winter rules.

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Healthy pleasantness is possible with conscious aesthetic applications. The basis of success in aesthetic applications should be to restore the skin to its basic health.

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