The 3 most beautiful registered hairstyles for short hair

The short hair eye is hardly a decision. But if you dare to step up, you will be rewarded with perfect cuts and airy hairstyles. Short hairstyles look young, fresh and dynamic. In addition, the hair is not pulled down by its own scale. Thus, the short hair part creates a lot of volume and fullness in your hair. Without much effort. Short hair in general is quite complex in terms of maintenance and styling. You will love your short hair, especially when you have to be quick in the bathroom in the morning.

Top 3 hairstyles for short hair

1.Pixie Cut

pixie cut we love ! The timeless short hairstyle looks just as appropriate on a 20-year-old individual as on a 70-year-old and looks phenomenal on your head. The hairstyle mostly plays with different hair lengths: the hair on the back of the head and on the sides is kept quite short, while on the top of the head it can be a little longer. The trendy hairstyle requires very little care and can be styled in just 3 minutes. Our tip: Big earrings in stunning colors and shapes look amazing, especially with the fairy part, and add something extra to your look.

2. Bixie cut

Yes, you heard the truth – in addition to the pixie, the so-called bixie cut is currently in vogue. The pixie and bob mix did that to us too! The trend hairstyle for short hair is longer than a pixie but shorter than typical bob hairstyles. A neatly layered bixie on the neck area will give you a somewhat raunchy and tangled mane. You can add extra hold and volume to your bixie with hairspray or mousse.

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3-Short bob

Your short hair is guaranteed to be stunning! It’s not without reason that the short bob never goes out of style. With this hairstyle, your hair is cut at approximately chin length. With the fringed version, the hairdresser also adds several layers that provide volume and dynamics. The ends of the hair will caress your cheekbones and brighten your facial borders.