Announcing that she has established a new beauty brand in the past months, Selena Gomez shared new tips about the ‘Rare Beauty’ brand. Although we know very little about Rare Beauty, which is expected to be available on Sephora this year, Gomez relieves our excitement with teaser images. Sharing the creative process with his fans, Gomez signaled that there is a red lipstick in the collection. Giving more details about the collection in an interview with Amy Schumer, Gomez stated that there is a wide range of works.

Gomez preferred a wide range of foundation colors, such as Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty collection, and said that there are 48 foundation and concealer shades in her collection. Explaining her relationship with makeup to her fans, Gomez said, “There is pressure on people of my generation to fit a mold and I wanted to reduce the pressure a little bit with this collection.” Gomez, who wants her fans to feel welcome with Rare Beauty, wishes everyone to express themselves freely rather than fit into a mold.

Stating that the brand will use non-model individuals in its campaign, Gomez created a form on Rare Beauty’s website where everyone can participate. Underlining that her brand appeals to everyone, Gomez is determined to make comfortable and useful make-up works for her fans.

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