It is possible to achieve a much more beautiful appearance in 15 minutes in this center, which highlights treatments that do not restrict social life. Explaining that this is possible even in the middle of the given afternoon, Emre Kaynak said that thanks to these short-term and side-effect-free applications, it is not necessary to spend time in order to have a younger appearance. Scientific and technological developments in the field of medicine have brought many innovations in non-surgical aesthetic applications. In the midst of these innovations, the most preferred treatments that save time and give effective results in a short time.


Dr. According to the information given by Emre Kaynak, HIFU treatment is one of the most successful procedures, the reliability of which has been proven by scientific studies, in the midst of non-surgical facial rejuvenation applications. Focused Ultrasound, which aims tightening and rejuvenation in the face, neck and décolleté area, is in the middle of the most preferred applications with the treatment process shaped according to the need of the skin, without an age scale. HIFU, which does not cause a negative reaction or damage to the skin as it does not have any random side effects, provides the person with a comfort in which they can easily continue their daily activities. With its long-term effect (12-18 months), it can be applied in all seasons, and it provides face lift success without any surgical intervention. Focused Ultrasound, which does not require maintenance before or after the process, is recommended as a safe application.

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The aim of Botox is to provide a younger facial expression by removing or reducing wrinkles that are suitable for the age group, existing or potential wrinkles, without affecting the facial expression. Botox application, which does not affect social life, is one of the first treatments that come to mind in aesthetics. After the botox process, which is one of the most preferred treatments due to its short application time, the patient continues his daily activities without any problems. Sweating Botox and Teeth Grinding Botox, which are applied in 15 minutes, are among the most preferred versions. With Sweating Botox, which provides a definitive solution to the problem of sweating that reduces the quality of life, it is possible to return to social life after a comfortable and fast application.


Dr. Şerafettin Saraçoğlu reminds that the skin’s self-renewal process begins to slow down with the thirties. Detention problems, which manifest themselves as pitting and bruising, especially in the detention area, are genetically based, as well as malnutrition,

It can also occur as a result of alcohol and cigarette use, insufficient sleep and allergic responses. And these cause the person to gain a tired, old and sad expression. It is aimed to provide a bright and healthier image around the eye with the under-eye light filling developed for the solution of detention problems. This application reconstructs the skin, rejuvenates the eye area, removes dark circles, lines and circles, and gives vitality to the eye area. The use of cannula instead of needle in under-eye light filling reduces the risk of bruising or swelling in the application area, allowing the person to undergo the treatment in a comfortable form. After the application, which takes about 15-20 minutes, the person can easily continue his daily life without swelling and redness. A single session may be sufficient for under-eye light filling, which produces visible results from the first session.

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prof. Dr. Aydın Saray, with nose filling, which is one of the most preferred medical aesthetic applications of recent years, without surgery; He explains that it is possible to soften the sharp corners on the nose, lift the tip of the nose, fill the depressions and shape the nose and correct the slight curvature of the nose. With this application, asymmetries in the nose are corrected, structural curvatures are eliminated, the contour of the nose is softened, the nasal arch or the depressions on the nasal ridge are corrected, and the nasal arch is raised with filling. After the nose filling application, the person can continue his daily life. Since it is a process that is carried out without interfering with the bone and cartilage structure, it has a permanence period of approximately 12-18 months. After the effect has passed, the person can continue the effect of the process by repeating the application if he/she wishes. If there is a problem with the nasal filling, it is also possible to melt the filling and restore the nose. The person can achieve the desired result in a short time, such as 20 minutes, and can return to his routine after the process.


Chin aesthetics with filling is one of the systems that has been preferred quite a lot in recent periods. When the chin has a strong line that is compatible with our face, it helps the facial proportions to appear more stable. With chin filling, formal problems are corrected, the jaw line becomes clear and asymmetry issues in the chin are corrected. After the process is completed in a short time, the person can continue his daily life. The chin filler, which is usually applied as a single session, provides permanence in the middle of 12 to 18 months.