What are the Causes of Skin Rash in Children?

skin rashes in children easy allergies may occur due to the shampoo used or due to a virus. While the rash is seen in 87% of children, it can be quite frightening for some mothers, depending on the extent and image of the rash. rash after fever in infants Since it is very common, the time of the baby’s fever should be considered in case of rash. The rash may appear quickly after the baby has a fever, or may appear 3 days later. Besides allergic rash in baby is also seen quite frequently. The foods that cause the rash the most are strawberries and eggs. The rash will go away with the baby staying away from these foods for a while.

Factors Causing Rash in Babies

Spots, which manifest themselves with red spots that occur on the arms, trunk and face in children, are called rash. It can occur for the following reasons:

  • Consumption of allergic foods
  • High fever a day or a few days ago
  • Allergy to the cleaning agents used
  • Diseases such as chickenpox, measles, scarlet fever, rubella
  • viral infections
  • Rashes due to bleeding disorder

How to Understand the Cause of the Rash?

The causes of the rash are understood by looking at the side symptoms. If the rash is accompanied by fever in the baby, then a viral disease and a condition such as scarlet fever and measles may be the subject of speech. If it is not accompanied by fever, but there is a slight loss of appetite, this is an allergic rash caused by the food eaten. If the symptom accompanying the rash is itching, the purity considerations used should be suspected. How to treat rash in babies The answer to the question should also be given depending on the reason. If the child is allergic, he should be removed from the food related to the allergy, and if he is infected, he should be treated with the help of a health institution under appropriate conditions.

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