Let’s see what skin-friendly foods are?

care from within

This time, you do your skin care internally, not externally. So you watch what you eat! Don’t worry, we don’t have a diet program to force you. We came with food offers that you can prepare practically.

green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are a good source of calcium, A, C and valuable vitamins K. It contributes to the defense of your skin’s moisture barrier.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato, which is rich in beta-carotene, that is, antioxidants, helps to remove toxic elements from the body, while protecting your skin against sun rays, roughening premature aging and damage to skin cells.


Tomato, indispensable for breakfast, protects your skin against UV rays.

Red grapes

Red grapes contain something called resveratrol. This element in its shell has an anti-aging effect. It also protects the skin against tension.


Watermelon, which you can consume abundantly when summer is coming, is a nice source to moisturize your skin because it is rich in water.

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