It’s time to try all the make-up styles that you couldn’t try because of the humid and hot! Now that autumn has arrived, we can take a look at the new make-up trends. It is not possible to wear heavy make-up in the summer period on the usual bases, and when it comes to the necessity of wearing a mask, it is very natural that you want less make-up in recent days. After months of maintaining a makeup-free look, we can start getting a little experimental again.

After browsing Instagram for a few minutes, you may have noticed the makeup styles of the new era. Metallic eyeshadows, blackberry lips and much more. We see different eccentric styles not only on Instagram but even on TikTok, the new ‘hit’ social media of the last period. Inspired by both social media and Fall 2020 fashion shows, we have brought together the most prominent makeup trends for you. We can say that eye and skin make-up is under the spotlight of the new era. You could argue the reason for this: masks. It’s time to put on your eyeshadow palettes and mascara in autumn, where natural glowing skin and bold eye make-ups stand out!

“Can we ever wear lipstick?” If you’re reproaching him, don’t be sad! No matter how much the eyes stand out this period, there are trends that you can try on the lips. You can try eye-catching styles with lipsticks that will create a ‘wow’ effect in situations where you can remove your mask or in your Zoom meetings.

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If you are ready for a new and exciting make-up period, you can check out the 10 most trendy make-up styles of Autumn 2020 in the photo gallery…



Bold reds are always on trend! Red lipsticks, one of the most preferred make-ups in night time, are at the forefront again in Autumn 2020. The reds we see in daily make-up this period are the ideal to draw all eyes on you. You do not need to apply other make-up with red lipsticks that look very attractive.

Rouge G Satin, 320 TL GUERLAIN

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If you are one of those who do not prefer to wear a lot of make-up, the natural glow trend is for you! You can access this trend with luminous moisturizers, which is a little different from the extra illuminating style we’ve seen in the past years. This makeup trend, which has the appearance of a moist skin, is in the middle of the favorites of makeup lovers.

Luminous Moisturizer, 385 TL BOBBI BROWN

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Once forgotten blushes are back in the spotlight. Stunning moments that attracted attention in the fall 2020 fashion shows are now in the middle of favorites in the middle of Instagram makeup trends. With this make-up style reminiscent of slightly sunburned cheeks, you can bring the summer glow to autumn. You can add a lively and energetic view to your face by using only blush in a make-up-free look.

All-In-One Blush, 79.90 TL THE BODY SHOP

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If you do not prefer red lipsticks for daytime makeup, but are still in search of a ‘statement’ lipstick, then we recommend blackberry tones! A dark but eye-catching tone suitable for autumn, blackberry earth tones will look perfect with your styles. A nice update to the classic burgundy lipsticks, blackberries are in the middle of this period’s must-haves.

Pure Color Envy Liquid Lipstick, 140 TL ESTEE LAUDER

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The colorful eye shadows used by Dua Lipa in her ‘Physical’ music image can inspire you in this makeup trend. Colorful eye shadows, a different interpretation of neon headlights, add rainbow colors to your make-up collection. You will shine brightly in the middle of gray clouds with bold tones that we are not accustomed to seeing in autumn make-up styles.

Art Library: It’S Designer Eyeshadow Palette, 479 TL MAC COSMETICS

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Smokey eye makeup, which is always on trend, is having a sparkling update in Fall 2020. Smokey eye makeup, which meets with glitters and metallics, is one of the most eye-catching interpretations of the classics. Autumn 2020 smokey eye makeup, which is a darker and mysterious interpretation of the silvery makeup we have seen in the past years, is ideal for appointments and night style.

Disco Dust Luminous Eyeshadow Palette, 540 TL TOM FORD

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The lip glosses, which became known again thanks to Kylie Jenner, exactly reflect the make-up of the 90s. You can also choose bright glosses, which are generally colorless, in light pink or peach tones. Suitable for anywhere, you can take the shine from Zoom meetings to night style.


L’Absolu Gloss Sheer Liquid Shine, 260 TL LANCOME

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Just like the colorful eyeshadows, the passion for colorful eyeliner is well known in this period. Especially in these days when we have to wear masks, the eyes will be the most striking part of our make-up. If you want to add a little difference to your classic cat eye eyeliner, you can try colored eyeliners.

Lilac Lotus Liner, £22 SHISEIDO

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Lucy Boynton’s 60s inspired long eyeliner and split bold eyelash style preferred on the red carpet last year also left their mark on the Fall 2020 fashion shows. You can have both Twiggy and Türkan Şoray eyes with this very retro-looking make-up style. The clumping mascara look is generally not preferred, but the 60s inspired voluminous and split mascara look is quite the trend these days.

Volumizing Mascara, 289 TL DIOR

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Bold reds are always on trend! Red lipsticks, one of the most preferred make-ups in night chic, are at the forefront again in Autumn 2020. The reds we see in daily make-up this period are the ideal to draw all eyes on you. You do not need to apply other makeup with red lipsticks that look quite attractive.

Rouge G Satin, 320 TL GUERLAIN

Getty Images