Beauty from red!

Prefer red berries instead of maintenance products

Our skin needs many vitamins and minerals to be pleasant and healthy. Although we try to meet these needs with cosmetic products for skin care, no work can replace natural resources. While cosmetic works seem to protect our skin due to the chemicals they contain, they actually cause damage. If you want to beautify your skin in a healthy way, consuming red fruits will be of great benefit.

Red grapes

Grapes contain vitamins E and K. Vitamin E helps to brighten the skin tone and strengthen the skin barrier. Vitamin K eliminates dark circles around the eyes. In addition, grapes are a source used in the treatment of acne.

Beauty from red!Beauty from red!


Thanks to the antioxidants it contains, blueberries protect skin cells. Thanks to the vitamin A it contains, it slows down the aging of the skin. Thanks to B vitamins, it gives the skin a lively and smooth appearance.

Beauty from red!Beauty from red!

Black mulberry

Black mulberry clears acne on your skin. One-on-one time also helps you to open your pores and get rid of toxins. Repairs skin damage and gives a lively appearance.

Beauty from red!Beauty from red!


Cranberry is a great way to get rid of skin oils. It is a very rich fruit in terms of vitamin C, which adds freshness to the skin. If consumed in winter, it protects the skin from the damaging effects of strong weather conditions.

Beauty from red!Beauty from red!


The most popular fruit of summer is strawberry; It tightens the pores, stabilizes the skin tone, increases cell regeneration with its folic acid feature, and purifies the skin from dead skins.

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Beauty from red!Beauty from red!