How to do postpartum aesthetics, trying to get an aesthetic image!

“Gynecologist, Sex Therapist, Genital Aesthetic Specialist Op. Dr. Meltem Erkmen gave information about the bet.” Today, due to the negative consequences of vaginal birth, it is less preferred in genital aesthetics. This is actually a false belief. If the birth occurs in its natural course and on time, it may result in a random tear and without birth sutures. Although things go well during the birth, the woman may feel unhappy due to the deformations that will occur after the birth and may want a look as before.

Uncontrolled tears can occur

Surgical incision called episiotomy and subsequent suturing to facilitate the exit of the baby’s head at the last moment during vaginal delivery is not a rare situation. In cases where this incision is not made in the vagina and perineum, uncontrolled tears may occur that require subsequent repair.

Trying to achieve an aesthetic view

In cases where these incisions are not repaired or repaired in accordance with the technique and there is a terrible beautification, undesirable macular images may occur in this area and the vagina may remain open. In these cases, it is possible to restructure the perineum and obtain an aesthetic image. The loss of elasticity of the vagina can also be corrected with non-surgical applications such as kegel exercises and laser. If the problem persists in the seams in the sixth month after the delivery of the vagina and the beautification has not taken place in a successful form, the correction process can be performed with the operation. Suture scars can be corrected by performing vaginoplasty and perineoplasty together, such as the fact that the vaginal entrance remains open to the outside, and the perineal space is shortened.

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