Which skin types are rose water and rose oil suitable for?

Same plant but different forms, different effects! Did you know that rose water and oil are effective on different skin types? Pharmacist Ceren Dirin Ağırdil, who we know as @eczadolabim on Instagram, gives the answer…

rose water

It is used as a tonic for oily, oily-combination and acne-prone skin. Controls excess sebum secretion. It purifies the skin and reduces the appearance of pores. Those with dry skin should be very careful because it can dry the skin more.

rose oil

It is recommended to be used as a serum for dry, combination-dry and sensitive skin. It moisturizes the skin, strengthens the skin barrier, beautifies the wounds. It is number one in calming the sensitivity. Soothes eczema attacks. It is also found in some moisturizing care creams. Care should be taken as it can increase sebum secretion in oily and acne-prone skin.

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