How should hair care be in winter?

Since the air is dry in the winter months, it is necessary to pay more attention to the hair. Washing your hair too much will cause it to dry, so your hair will break and wear out. Washing your hair once in 3 days is the most ideal time.

Do not wash your hair with very hot water, as the acid on the bases of the hair melts the protective lipid layer. Prefer warm water.
Dr. Cet Nejat Ertek,

”Do not operate the hair dryer at high temperature. High temperatures, blow-drying and styling with very hot curling irons are wasteful. Do not use heavy hairpins and crowns that tie your hair too tight. The hairpins and crowns you use in this form will cause your hair to be pulled from its roots and broken.”

If you have a special disease, beware!
in your hair pearl, eczemaIf you have a special disease such as sulfurand tarYou should use shampoos containing shampoos, especially in winter.
If your hair loss is heavy, you should use supplements containing biotin, zinc, selenium, methionine, vitamins E, B, D recommended by your dermatologist to nourish your hair. True vitamins for hair are also valuable.
Vitamin deficiencies affect hair

Vitamin A deficiencyIt makes hair brittle and increases dandruff formation.
Deficiency of vitamins B1 or B6,causes hair loss.

Which vitamins are good for hair?

C vitaminstimulates hair follicles and regulates hair growth and pigment production in hair strands.
Vitamin B12nourishes the hair follicles.