How should dental floss be used?

A toothbrush cannot destroy all plaque because it is very difficult to reach the middle of the teeth. There are many accessories produced for cleaning bacteria in difficult areas. Dental floss has a very valuable place in maintaining oral and dental health and preventing gingivitis. Dental floss should be used systematically every day to clean this plaque and food residues, which are the primary cause of tooth decay and gum disease.

How to use dental floss for a healthy mouth?

Let’s list how the dental floss should be used, together with the stages.

First step

50 cm long floss; Wrap the middle fingers of both hands, leaving a gap of 5 centimeters in the middle, without tightening too much. Do not wrap more than one floss on one finger.

Second step

With your index and thumbs, stretch the floss and thread it between your teeth. Be careful not to break the floss and damage your gums.

third step

Bend your dental floss in a “C” shape and gently run it down and up between your teeth in a way that grips your teeth. In the meantime, do not skip cleaning below the gum line. When you move on to the next tooth, use the unused portion of floss.

Benefits of dip rope

– Reduces the risk of cavities

– Helps prevent gum disease

– Prevents bad breath

– Reinforces the protection of heart health

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