If you are constantly trying to fluff your hair and make your fine hair look fuller, you are not alone! It is time to make a few changes in your life, especially if your hair, which looks voluminous when you leave the house, fades in a few steps. Achieving your dream look is not as difficult as you might think. You can get the image you’re looking for with just a few changes, with flawless works and a maintenance routine.

The first step of voluminous and healthy-looking hair starts in the shower. With the differences you make in your shampoo and conditioner, you can create a noticeable improvement in your hair. One of the tips for a fuller look is the shampoos, not the ones that don’t! Ingredients such as silicone and polymer can pull your hair down by making a load on thin strands. You can add a silky touch to your hair by turning to natural ingredients and herbal formulas.

After finding the right shampoo and conditioner, the second step is your hair washing technique. If you have been using ‘volumizing’ hair products for a long time but you are not getting the result you want, the problem may be your washing form. While applying the shampoo to your hair roots, you should only apply the conditioners to the middle and ends of your hair. While rinsing your hair with lukewarm water every time, you will see the difference after thoroughly cleaning the conditioner with cold water!

In the photo gallery, you can see the shampoos and conditioners that will speed up your desired hair look…


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Volumizing Conditioner, 223.20 TL MARLIES MÖLLER

Designed for thin, electrified, weak and voluminous hair, this cream strengthens your hair and gives it volume. This cream, which acts as a protective shield for your hair while repairing the hair damaged by the process and heat, creates a fuller appearance by nourishing your hair.

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Repair Shampoo, 55 TL ASHLEY JOY

This shampoo, which makes the damaged and processed hair stronger, ensures the restructuring of the hair follicles. These trace minerals, which cleanse your hair with rosemary extract, strengthen weak hair strands and add volume.

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Volumizing Shampoo, 159 TL BUMBLE & BUMBLE

This shampoo, which allows you to have voluminous, soft and striking hair throughout the day, moisturizes your hair and gives volume at the same time.

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Aromachology Volumizing & Volumizing Conditioner, 170 TL L’OCCITANE

This cream, which gives a heavy fullness to the hair, visibly reduces hair loss caused by breakage. Designed for fine and brittle hair, this cream contains oils of rosemary, cypress, ylang-ylang, juniper and cedar.

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Ocean Mist Volumizing Conditioner, 505 TL SACHAJUAN

Designed to give volume to your hair, this cream restores hair strands and gives them a healthy fullness.

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Volumizing Shampoo, £32 RAHUA

This shampoo, which has ingredients obtained from the Amazon rainforest, cleans your hair deeply while strengthening it and adding volume.

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Shea Regenerating Conditioner, 89.90 TL THE BODY SHOP

This cream, which nourishes dry and damaged hair, is enriched with Shea butter. This cream, which gives your hair a healthier and more vibrant appearance, provides a more voluminous appearance.

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Volumizing Shampoo for Fine Hair, 44.90 TL YVES ROCHER

Containing organic quinoa and aga, this shampoo provides a voluminous appearance by deeply nourishing the hair roots. Designed for fine hair, this work gives your hair a fuller look without weighing it down.

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Plumping Conditioner, 799 TL AVEDA

With its natural amino acids, this conditioner, which prevents the hair strands from breaking and falling out, strengthens your hair from root to tip. This conditioner, which gives a thicker and fuller feeling during the day, offers an analysis for hair loss.

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Rice and Wheat Volumizing Shampoo, 172 TL KIEHL’S

This shampoo, which does not leave any residue that weighs the hair while cleaning the hair, gives your hair a healthier, fuller and thicker appearance. This product, which gives strength and fullness to the hair without harming the natural oils of the hair, contains rice and wheat proteins and jojoba seeds.

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