10 hair trends of the 2022 summer season

This year, while the scorching heat of the sun warmed our skin, our hair shaped by the sea was thrown on the beaches. The hair trends of this period were definitely in. Which models will we see frequently this period. The hairstyles that she has already started to make in celebrities have sat on our trend radar. Here are 10 trending hairstyles for the summer of 2022.

1- Certain unknown yellows

The one who is also in the rematch in 2021, and this summer also appeared. It is expected that the blond hairstyle, which looks like it has been opened from the sun, will continue. You can keep your blondes an ashy tone by using purple shampoo once a week. You can also get this hair with purple shampoos or make the middle shine.

2- Braided ponytail

Braided ponytail models are back. Braided ponytails, which we also saw in Kylie Jenner, became fashionable again. You can use this model, which looks both stylish and stylish, wherever you want. In addition, this summer will be in the middle of easy models that everyone will use.

3- Bun on both sides

This model is referred to as a bun or double bun on both sides. This hairstyle, which has also been approved by celebrities, is more fun than a ponytail to remove the hair that falls on your neck in the summer heat. You can make it even more fun with colorful buckles.

4-Outward curling hair

Celebrities such as Zendaya, Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian are the biggest pioneers of this 90s style in recent times. The easiest way to achieve this view would be to curl the ends of the hair outwards with the help of a straightener.

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5- 70’s fluff

Awesome summer party look is on the streets thanks to the iconic Tracee Ellis Ross! A moisturizing spray will keep your curls alive from day to night.

6-Copper color

Even Sydney Sweeney and Kendall Jenner abandoned their own hues to go this red. You can make your hair look shiny with a refreshing mask for this color.

7-Long bangs

Bangs have never been this trendy. Brushing your blow dry with a wide, round brush will make these bangs a natural breeze.

8- Baby bangs

Small, short bangs are very fashionable this year! A small crease on your forehead will look highly admired. You may want to consider using a small brush to keep the bangs in place.

9-Soldier shave

We can say that the harbinger of summer is short cut hair! Of course, the soldier’s shave is very low-maintenance and very easy to use, but it would be nice to use a sunscreen cream on your scalp to prevent sunburns.

10- Filled and voluminous blunt

The masses are born again. Billi Eilish’s favorite model, the blunt sections, is coming to light again. This image is all about comfort, so some hairspray might be all you need to get the volume and texture you want.