Hair trends of the season 2019 with Essential Looks

Schwarzkopf ProfessionalThe collection that determines the hair trends of the period and the future, created by the world-famous hair design team inspired by the catwalks of Paris, Milan, London and New York. Essential LooksIt draws attention as it always does. Hairdresser Emre Footless“This year’s trend is authenticity and reflecting your feelings,” he says.

Hairdresser Emre Footless states that the collection includes wonderful hairstyles inspired by the catwalks. Emre Footless, ” Essential Looks This year, there are different and original models that appeal to everyone. For retro lovers Luxe Vibe, for those who do not compromise their originality Self Made Youthand for those who want to be both stylish and comfortable Feminine Active… In other words, a wide collection awaits us, which we can present to all customers and their styles.”
We will live the 80s again with the Luxe Vibe trend.

  • Voluminous hair, balayage, stunning accessories and oversized outfits are back in our lives.
  • This trend will be indispensable for those who love voluminous hair, use eye-catching accessories and miss the past.
  • Gorgeous hairstyles, big plaids and neon details will dominate both the runway and street fashion.

New trends appeal to everyone…
Emre Footlesscompared to Essential Looks3 different trends in its collection are full of eye-catching looks that can be used comfortably and reflect their personalities.

  • As in previous years, the interest in yellow tones will continue.
  • This year, unlike the previous years, we will say hello to summer with more assertive hair sections, prominent voluminous hair and different colorings on the hair ends.

Self Made Youth for those who want to be original…
Emre FootlessFor those who are not satisfied with what they have for their clothes and hair, and always want the more suitable Self Made Youth” suggests the trend.

  • The Self Made Youth trend is full of clear and sharp looks.
  • From the hair part to the hair color, everything is assertive!
  • Those who see themselves as a brand, do not follow anyone, are original and do not care about anyone’s taste will love this trend.