Choosing the right lipstick for your skin and hair color

Choosing the right lipstick for your skin and hair color

Lipstick is the touch that completes the makeup and adds color. Even women who wear very light make-up definitely carry one lipstick in their bags. However, when choosing a lipstick that is used almost every day, some issues related to skin tone, hair color and health should be considered. Here are some things to consider when using lipstick for readers…

Choosing the right lipstick for your skin and hair color

It is necessary to be meticulous about the choice of lipstick, because the wrong choices can cause all the make-up done with care to go to waste. Skin, hair, eye and even tooth color is also extremely valuable when choosing a lipstick. Since lipstick is one of the make-up materials that comes into contact with our body the most through the mouth, it is necessary to pay attention to the active elements in it when choosing lipstick. So how should the lipstick selection be made?

When choosing lipstick, consider your skin, eye and hair color

By choosing lipstick colors suitable for your skin, eye and hair color, you can both make the makeup look good on your face and get a more lively and energetic look. When choosing lipstick according to your skin color, instead of trying the lipstick on your wrists, you should try it on your lips and decide whether the color suits you. It is also necessary to pay attention to the use of trial works with a newly opened lipstick brush every time.

Here are the basic 5 skin tones to consider when choosing lipstick…

Choosing the right lipstick for your skin and hair color There are basically 5 skin tones. Individuals with very light, light, medium, dark and very dark skin should prefer lipsticks that are suitable for their skin tones.

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– Very fair and fair-skinned women; when choosing lipstick, they may prefer lighter pink and orange colors. Those with thick and full lips should prefer darker colors. But thin-lipped people should eliminate the edges of the lips with a light-colored pencil and apply a bright lipstick on it.

– Those with medium and wheat skin color ; they can prefer red-pink, tile, orange tones and purple-pink mixed lipstick tones. Nude tones are also in the middle of colors that wheat skinned people can use both during the day and at night.

– Those with very dark and dark skin they should stay away from light tone colors and try every shade of brown instead. Brown tones and earthy colors will be very natural and harmonize with the skin color for those with dark skin. Brunette ladies with full lips can also use lipsticks such as burgundy and red, but if the lip structure is thin, they should stay away from dark lipsticks and prefer more natural tones.

In choosing lipstick according to hair and eye color,

  • Those with red hair color can use salmon, pink, coral tones and dark brown.
  • Those with brown hair should prefer beige, pink, coral and pink tones.
  • For those with blonde hair, the shades of pink close to purple, light pink, red tones, caramel and hot pinks are ideal.
  • Those with black hair color should prefer golden beige, orange shadows, bronze tones, cherry, plum and red tones.

Choosing lipstick according to eye color

  • When you choose according to your eye color, it can bring both your eyes and lips to the fore.
  • Those with brown eyes should opt for bright reds and browns and bright pinks.
  • Blue eyes should prefer different tones of cherry and red loaded.
  • Those with green eyes should prefer bronze and pink tones.
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Do not ignore your health while getting beautiful!

Our health is the most valuable before our beauty. Lipstick is one of the most frequently used make-up works by women, but it is a work that does not pay much attention to its content in terms of health.
Brands that do not contain paraben, mineral oil, allergen perfume, active ingredient of animal origin, SLS & SLES and heavy metals harmful to the body such as Chromium, Nickel, Cobalt, Paladium and Mercury should be preferred. For this reason, it is extremely valuable to prefer dermocosmetic works, although they are more valuable than other cosmetic works.