Get rid of ideal beauty impositions, be Beyond Memorization!

Famous actress Tekçe Akalay, who has been talked about for a long time with her short hair cut, Özge Acarbay, Dove Brand Manager, and Aslı Kızmaz, who changed her hair with the inspiration she received from the commercial cinema, came to the fore for Dove’s #memorial campaign and invited women to “be free to do your hair as you feel”. .

Dove, challenging the concept of uniform and perfect pleasantness all over the world and advocating that pleasantness should be dedefined, focused on hair, which is one of the leading impositions of ideal pleasantness, and invited all women to break the game with their hair.

The brand, which has committed to not working with models in its campaigns with the Oath of Real Pleasure published in 2017 and that it does not use digital photo tricks in any female image with the “No Photo Cheating Stamp” that will be included in all its advertising campaigns from now on, brought real women who break the game with their hair to the screen with their own stories in the #memorial ad campaign. .

Inviting all women to be free about their hair and to ignore the labels, Dove repeated this invitation by taking the famous names who challenge the impositions with their hair, and said to all the women who want a change in their hair but could not dare to do so because of social pressures and labels, my hair is #memorials.

80 percent of women say they would choose a bolder hairstyle if they knew they wouldn’t be criticized!


Stating that hair is a very valuable accessory for women and they want to reveal the power of women who change the game with their hair while challenging the ideals of pleasantness, Özge Acarbay, Dove Brand Manager:

“We conducted a research on Women’s Hair Facts in Turkey and we found that 84% of women think they are under pressure about hair. Precisely for this reason, while many women actually want to change their hair, they are afraid of social pressure and become rough on this desire for change.

80 percent of the women in the study say that they would prefer a more daring hairstyle if they knew that they would not be criticized.

Why is he so afraid of printing because there are obvious labels on a lot of hair. For example, 85 percent of the women who participated in the survey think that a mother should not have very long or messy hair, and 52 percent imagine their hair at 65 years old to be short and comfortable. Age and being a mother is a label in itself! Here, we wanted to tell women, with our #ezberlerinötesinde campaign, don’t worry about tags and what others say, be yourself, be a blessing. Previously as Dove; we rebelled against the ideal pleasantness stereotypes imposed on women such as age, body size and weight, this time we wanted to break the label taboo about hair! said.

famous actress Birce AkalayRegarding Dove’s reinforcements for its new campaign, he said: As soon as I saw Dove’s commercial, I thought of the first time I cut my hair. Here I said, this pronunciation, that is, #memorialsbeyond, is just for me. Apart from the stereotyped notion of pleasantness, we are as nice as we feel ourselves to be. That’s it!


Based on what I experienced when I had my hair cut, I found the bets on the labels Dove wanted to draw attention to with this campaign or the pressures around me very close to me, so I wanted to be here, support this campaign and give women the message of being as they feel.

Saying that she changed her hair, inspired by Dove’s new commercial cinema Asli Kizmazif

“All my life, I have not avoided making changes in many matters, including my hair, acting sluggishly, and doing my best.

I have used my hair in different periods and in many different ways. I’ve had a short cut, I’ve used the lower part as colorful as the sky generation, or I made it red and long yellow… I was asking for a change again these days, it was very nice to integrate this desire with such a valiant campaign.

In this way, I would be happy if I could create a motivation for women to be more daring about their hair!