Exosome period in skin and hair regeneration

The use of stem cell methods is increasing in solving many problems in the field of aesthetic dermatology. In particular, the use of serum produced in a laboratory environment by stem cells obtained from adipose tissue is frequently used.

Studies on stem cells, which are specialized cells that affect vital functions, have gained momentum recently. Biotechnology laboratories with strong technical equipment, production and sterilization certifications offer products suitable for the use of doctors in the field of aesthetics by producing stem cell serums with heavy protein and exosome content, which also have restructuring properties.

High successful results are achieved

In particular, the fact that stem cell serums containing small nanovesicles called ‘exosome’ have a stable content that contains many growth factors and cytokines in their internal structure, making the use of stem cell serum practical. Thanks to the exosome treatment, it is possible to use growth factors, cytokines and antioxidants for the purpose without causing an allergic reaction. In particular, high successful results can be obtained in skin rejuvenation and hair strengthening-targeted exosome treatment.

There is no difference between stem cells and exosome molecules, but there is a strong connection. Because the exosome ensures that the stem cells are in controlled and positive contact with each other. In this way, it is possible to regenerate cells whose function is impaired. Therefore, in the midst of the acceleration of the aging process and the decrease in stem cell numbers, the connection can be regulated with stem cell serum, that is, exosome treatment.


aesthetic effects

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Since the stem cell serum contains hundreds of growth factors and exosome molecules together, it controls the aging process in both skin and hair cells. Stem cell serum, which is used in the field of medical aesthetics, is used in the treatment of lines, deep wrinkles, spots, acne and scars due to its regenerative effect on skin cells. Exosome treatment is a preferred application, because it offers a natural appearance by reducing sagging in individuals who have sagging skin due to its strong lifting effect, but do not prefer filling application. Stem cell serum can be combined with needle radiofrequency systems used in the treatment of acne scars. It can also be supported with lasers used for spot treatment and residential continuation products. In its use for hair, it is aimed to prevent shedding and to restore the lost hair. In addition, exosome treatment is preferred to support the hair transplant area before and/or after hair transplantation.

Exosome treatment can be applied in 2-6 sessions with 2-4 weekly intervals depending on the structure of the individuals. On the day of the application, the process can be completed in a short time without taking too much time for the clients.