Don’t be afraid of your dental health during the holiday!

Dentist Dr. Hasret Filiz Bayar talked about what needs to be considered about dental health during the holiday.

Our eating habits also affect our oral health. In terms of oral health, there are some rules to be considered during and after nutrition. On top of the increased meat consumption during Eid al-Adha, including sweet consumption; The absence of dental problems is inevitable. This is why we need to pay more attention to our dental care.

Here are the things you need to pay attention to avoid your dental health during the holiday…

Do not use toothpicks.
After the consumption of meat, the teeth are tried to be cleaned with a toothpick. However, this is dangerous for dental health. Dental floss should be used when necessary to clean the food residues left in the middle of the teeth.

Do not skip your oral and dental care after meals!
After eating and especially meat consumption, brush your teeth and then clean the middle of the teeth with dental floss to get rid of the residues. Leftovers can cause big problems. Frequent consumption of meat, especially during the feast, may cause the meat to remain in the middle of the teeth; However, if you do not clean the meat in the middle of the teeth, these residues can cause caries, bad breath and gum diseases.

Things to do for regular oral care
First of all, go to the dentist regularly every 6 months to protect the health of your mouth and teeth. Make a habit of using a toothbrush; otherwise, it is impossible to prevent the formation of caries on the teeth. Definitely use dental floss and interface brushes; If you do not use it in areas where the toothbrush cannot reach, your teeth will never be completely cleaned.

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Watch out for sugary foods!
Take care not to consume foods high in sugar; Even if you are going to eat, definitely brush your teeth afterwards. It increases the rate of tooth decay when serving acidic soft drinks along with dessert.
We cannot say no to soft drinks served with dessert during holiday visits; However, it is worth reminding that you need to be careful.

Brush your teeth for real
One of the most important steps in oral and external health is to brush the teeth with the truth system. Otherwise, you may damage your gums.

Brushing teeth

How to brush teeth?
– First of all, squeeze a lentil-sized paste on your toothbrush without getting it wet.
– Start brushing with a downward sweeping motion for the upper teeth and an upper sweeping motion for the lower teeth.
– Continue brushing for at least 2 minutes until you are sure that your mouth is thoroughly cleaned.
– If there are gaps between your teeth due to issues such as gum recession, clean all the gaps again with the interface brush suitable for the gap between your teeth.
– Then, rinse your mouth for 1 minute for the last time with an adequate mouthwash.