While choosing hairstyles, zodiac signs give us clues as well as skin color and face shape. There are many hairstyles that are straight, perm, ponytail, bun, wavy, blunt cut. The signs that reflect your personality and tastes tell you what your hairstyle will be.

If you want to cut your hair but can’t decide which model to do, horoscopes can help you. While some zodiac signs are open to innovations, others prefer standard hairstyles. Well, which zodiac sign likes which model hair? You can take a look at the gallery of hairstyles we have compiled according to the zodiac signs…


Having a very exciting and practical nature, Aries zodiac signs love the modern hair structure. The hair part on the shoulders is the appropriate choice for these energetic souls.

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Taurus signs, who are not very open to changes, can walk around with the same hairstyle for years. Hair preferences are either always straight blowdry or always wavy with tongs!

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Gemini, who likes to look cool, also follow and apply trendy hairstyles. Long hair is always their favourite.

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Cancer zodiac signs prefer simple and not flashy hairstyles. Straight and medium length sections and just like them.

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Leo signs, who like to look assertive and flashy, prefer stylish and contemporary hairstyles. It is possible to see them with bangs and layered hair from time to time.

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You can see Virgo signs that do not change easily in hair, mostly with a bun or ponytail.

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Libras love to be both natural and attractive in their hair. Long and wavy hairstyles are just for them.

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Scorpio zodiac signs, who like to be in the foreground, reflect these features on their hair. Rebel and extraordinary hairstyles are just for them.

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Extroverted, adventurous and free-spirited Sagittarius do the hairstyle that comes from within. They like creative cuts, marginal tones.

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Short, contemporary parted hairstyles are indispensable for Capricorns. They don’t like frizzy hair and don’t make too many changes to their hair.

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You can always see Aquarius signs with different hair colors, who like to be different from everyone else. These zodiac signs, who generally prefer long hair, also try various hair accessories.

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Pisces prefers plain models that are far from exaggeration. Messy or wavy blow-dried hair is just right for them.

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