A tribute to the beauty from within in the Shiseido 2019 makeup collection!

Shiseido’s fundamental experience, mastery and contemporary technology has come to a conclusion.

President in skin care Shiseido, who carries the Japanese heritage to his make-up works, discovered the visible but invisible make-up on the skin thanks to its innovative technology.

Praise for sincere kindness from Shiseido…

Shiseido shares the secret of true beauty for minimal, luxurious, impressive and daring looks in its make-up collection, where it renewed its formulas with an original vision: Beauty from within!

Curious about this innovative approach, we focused on Shiseido’s new collection and examined the range of works in 4 different categories in detail. In our photo gallery, you will find the latest works, color options and current prices.

Shiseido went beyond the ordinary and divided the new make-up works into four different clusters according to their texture and the feeling they create on the skin: Inks, Gels, Powders, Dews. 

A holistic approach that harmonizes every step of make-up…

In Shiseido, which creates impressive looks by focusing on the sensory textures of make-up with the inspiration it receives from art, you can now choose your make-up works according to their textures.

Shiseido INKS

Subtle, waterproof, highly pigmented, easy-to-apply works that define your boundaries with striking colors inspired by Japanese calligraphy come to a center under the Inks set. In this set, works such as eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipshine and mascara stand out.

Shiseido GELS

Shiseido’s gel-form works in the category of “gels”, on the other hand, feature permanent colors with their light and innovative structures, as you can quickly feel them from your touch.

This form of Shiseido’s GEL category makes the make-up visible but imperceptible.  

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Shiseido POWDER

It is possible to color both your lips and cheeks with powder-structured works that allow the skin to breathe. Thus, by doing two other processes with the same work, you contribute significantly to your make-up material budget.

Shiseido DEWS

Containing illuminating works that will transform the surface of your skin, Dews almost dances with the light with the reflections it creates. In the new collection, multi-functional illuminating works that can be applied to the face, eyes and lips draw attention.

Another Shiseido work that attracts the attention of editors is the Perfect Foundation Brush, which is loved by those who have used it before and should definitely be added to the makeup bag of those who have just started to examine Shiseido works.

Designed for all foundation types including liquid, solid and powder, the Perfect Foundation Brush provides an even distribution of all types of foundation, from powdered heavy emulsification or pressed foundation to liquid or cream foundation.

If you have experienced Shiseido’s brushes that make the touch of makeup professional, you must know the ability of the Perfect Foundation Brush. We don’t need to praise any more. Perfect Foundation Brush, whose only flaw is that it is a bit small, can actually be with you at all times thanks to this feature. In this sense, we can see its small size as a plus.

The Japanese influence dominates the packaging designs of the products.

The packaging designs of the new collection also have a contemporary Japanese influence. Emphasizing the timeless aesthetic, the obviously red line bears the signature minimal Shiseido.

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An original period in make-up begins with Shiseido’s new make-up collection. Don’t forget to take a look at our photo gallery of priced works to reveal your inner light freely.