3 practical and economical beauty and skin remedies!

1. Tomato for acne

Tomatoes are the star of any salad, but they also have antibacterial properties and reduce inflammation and acne. Did you know it helps smoothen faster? To do this, a cut the tomato into slices and rub it gently on the affected areas of the face . Then wash with warm water and apply a light day cream.

A light tomato mask can also help you get rid of acne:

  • Peel and grate 2 small tomatoes
  • Add 1 tablespoon of honey and mix properly

Apply the mask to the skin, leave for ten minutes and wash off with warm water; then apply a light day cream again.

2. Almond skin care

Almond is an essential part of skin care. Because its high antioxidant content strengthens the moisture content of our skin.

With just a few tools, it leaves your skin velvety soft. You can quickly make almond bark:

2 tablespoons of natural yogurt (lactic acid destroys dead skin cells) 2 tablespoons ground almonds (the peeling effect moisturizes the skin with nut flour) and 1 teaspoon honey (supports skin regeneration) mix. Apply this peeling to your skin, face and face.

A light massage increases the peeling effect. Then wash off the almond mixture with warm water.

3. Egg white smoothes the skin

If you are allergic to eggs, please apply this mask carefully. Your skin may be irritated as a result of allergic reactions.

Beat the egg white (first separate it from the yolk) with a whisk or hand mixer and apply the egg white mixture to your face with the help of your fingers or a silicone brush. If you wash off the mask after 15-20 minutes, you can encounter smooth skin with a soft glow.

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