Young make-up techniques go through a thin skin make-up!

Make-up makes a person disgrace or a vizier! The make-up applied in layers makes the person look much older than they are. With the truth make-up technique, you can show your age much younger than it is. Dermatologist Şale Yılmaz shared the secret of rejuvenating the age with real make-up techniques!


Layers of foundation and concealer applied while trying to cover up the imperfections on your skin can make it look like you have wrinkles that are not on your skin, and you can look like a cake in make-up.


It is valuable to choose a work after knowing your skin and determining its needs. A natural look can be achieved by lighting and contouring with real make-up works without neglecting daily cleansing, tonic, moisturizing and sun protection.

If your skin has spots, scars or dullness, chemical peeling, dermaroller or laser applications reduce the problems by renewing the skin. If you have lines and wrinkles on your skin, botulinum toxin, filler, mesotherapy applications can provide tests to reduce these problems.

Muscles: It is precious in facial expression. Very thin, lifeless eyebrows give a tired expression to the face. You can use special products that nourish eyelashes and eyebrows. In addition, weighting the eyebrows with eyebrow pencils suitable for your hair color will create a smoother appearance. Permanent eyebrow shaping, which has become very popular in recent years, is a process that needs to be decided very carefully. It is very difficult to return once it is done.


Lips: It may occur in lines around the lips that thin over time and lose their clarity. This appearance can be reduced with special fillings that can be applied to this area. Also, plumping lipsticks can be used. In advanced ages, light-colored lipsticks and natural-colored lip pencils should be preferred rather than dark-colored lipsticks.

While blushing: During the aging process, sagging of the skin and loss of elasticity may occur. It is possible to reduce these issues with techniques such as radiofrequency and focused ultrasound. Choosing peach or pink tones in the blush selection will provide a more lively look.

Bags and lines around the eyes: The skin around the eyes is thinner, the effects of aging are seen earlier. With plasma therapy (Plexr), tightening of the eyelids and reduction in under-eye bags can be achieved. In the later years, choose more natural tones in headlight selection, do not use pearlescent tones or strong tones. Finally, use bronze powder, make your skin look more lively and radiant.