What are the makeup tips that suit brunettes, choose a bruised cherry lipstick!

Observing the color harmony while applying make-up is one of the most basic elements of true make-up. The harmony of the make-up you apply with your skin is of great value. Choosing the wrong color of eyeshadow, blush and lipstick can make you look paler or shabby. In order to prevent this, we, as Elmaelma.com, have brought together recommendations worth gold. Here are makeup tips that will add a flawless look to brunettes!

Choosing the right foundation is important

A foundation chosen according to the skin color is indispensable for a smooth skin appearance. An incorrectly chosen foundation will make you look unhealthy or pale. The easiest way to tell if the foundation is suitable for your skin tone is to try it on the lower jawbone and the middle of the chin. Ask a specialist to consult your skin and determine the right brand and color for you. The foundation chosen for you should look very natural in daylight and should not create a mask feeling on your skin.

Highlight your eyes

If you have dark hair and brown eyes, applying dark wine, dark violet and dark green (especially if you have green circles in your eyes) eye makeup will allow you to have velvety eyes. Black or dark blue mascara for dark skin and dark eyes will make your eyes stand out. If you say ‘I have a little ingenuity’, you can create smoky eyes with a gray or black headlight.

Stay away from the pinks!

Strong colors such as tile color and cherry bruise will harmonize better with dark hair than pink, because if you have these features, pink will make you look more pale and pale. Dark colors will increase the emphasis on your lips; If you say that you will use a pink color, it is useful to choose a pink color in dark tones, with one rule: You will avoid a lifeless and pale appearance by emphasizing your eyes.

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Bronzer for your cheekbones

The more pale pink lips make a brunette look, the more they will have the same effect on cheekbones. Therefore, applying a bronzer for your cheekbones first will give your face a natural and healthy glow. But if you don’t want to reveal your skin’s imperfections, avoid applying too much.

If you want to feel a little more daring, you can try the dark cheeks that young Hollywood stars can’t give up right now. After you apply the bronzer to the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose, you can apply a peach-toned blush (one of the two pencils you take in your hand horizontally under the nose, and the gluteal vertical at the end of the eye, to the point where the two intersect) with light circular movements. After making such an application, do not forget to emphasize the eyes and avoid exaggeration on the lips.

Try different makeup styles

Makeup tips can tell you what to do. But you are the only one who will decide what is best for you. So don’t be afraid to try different makeup styles. Just try not to coincide with special nights or celebrations if you’re not sure it will hold up well.

It’s about how you look and how nice you feel during the day. So don’t be afraid to show your talents in your own skin at these moments. However, if the make-up you make causes an allergic condition on your face, do not use those products again and see a dermatologist without delay.

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