What do moles on our body mean? They can cause skin cancer!

Just as we do the breast examination manually, we should also do the ‘me’ examination manually and inspect it. Did you know that small moles on your body that you are not even aware of can be a sign of skin cancer? Information about the early diagnosis of moles before they become cancer, Dermatology Specialist Dr. We learned from Fahrinnur Yılmaz.


Moles; It can be brown, pink, red, blue, black, skin-colored, and its shape is round, the surface is flat and slightly raised. Although more than one mole is harmless, it can also turn into a type of skin cancer called melanoma.

Nevuses should be carefully observed and a specialist physician should be consulted before it is too late for any random color, form or size difference. In this examination, the moles are examined by magnifying the view with a technique called dermatoscopy, and if necessary, a biopsy can be taken. In this way, skin cancer called melanoma can be detected and treated at an early stage. When such a threat is detected, the intervention method is determined according to the type and location of the nevus.


These are moles; It can be taken with radiocautery, Plexr Laser, Cryotherapy or surgery. Each of these processes is easy and can be done with regional anesthesia. In the area where Radiocautery or Plexr Laser is applied, crusting occurs first, then this crust falls off and creates a pink scar there. This pink area returns to skin color over time. The beautification of the scar varies according to the depth, size and area of ​​the removed nevus. Often these treatments are completed in a single session. The mole (nevus) taken is sent for pathological examination according to the situation.

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Moles should be followed at intervals of 6-12 months. In particular, moles on the inside of the hand, fingertips, soles of the feet; Since it can become malignant due to trauma, it should be followed more carefully, and if necessary, it should be removed by surgical process at an early stage.


As moles, nevi can be found in our body from birth, they multiply over the years under the influence of the sun’s rays. Using sunscreen is essential to prevent both the proliferation of moles and skin aging. In addition, you should use a hat, sunglasses to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun and protect your skin from direct sunlight as much as possible.