What are the symptoms of vitamin A deficiency causes skin dryness!

Vitamin A deficiency occurs due to nutritional disorders and malnutrition. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble organic compound that is highly essential for vision and epithelial tissue health. Its deficiency can cause skin dryness, vision problems, and reproductive problems. We have listed 5 signs for you, which are the symptoms of vitamin A deficiency in the body.

dry skin

Vitamin A has a valuable role in providing the moisture the body needs to repair skin tissue. In the absence of this vitamin, the skin becomes so dry that it turns red, as if it were injured. Scaly skin, such as eczema, may also be very itchy.


Vitamin A has an effective power in repairing skin tissue. In case of its deficiency, excessive lubrication can be seen, which can lead to dryness or acne on the face. This is why many experts use vitamin A to treat acne-related problems.

delayed healing wounds

Collagen production helps to heal body wounds in a short time. If the production of collagen in the body is sufficient, it also helps the synthesis of vitamin A. If you notice that the wounds on your skin heal late, reconsider how often you consume foods containing vitamin A, such as carrots, oranges, milk and red meat.

night blindness

Vitamin A deficiency can lead to night blindness, also known as “nyctalopia”. In this case, in dim environments, the rigidity of the eye system weakens and it may become difficult to see in the dark.

problems conceiving

If you’re having trouble conceiving, definitely get your vitamin A stores checked. A strong diet of vitamin A gives very successful results on the reproductive health of both men and women. Consuming foods rich in vitamin A can increase fertility. In addition, it is very valuable to act carefully, as vitamin A deficiency can lead to miscarriage during pregnancy.