What are the make-up mistakes that make the eyes look small, don’t draw black pencils inside!

Did you know that when you want to have big eyes, you can make your eyes look smaller with your make-up? Yes, some mistakes made unknowingly can cause this. For example, like drawing a pencil inside the eye! So what are some other makeup mistakes that make eyes look small? Let’s learn together.

Stop using headlights that are not suitable for your eye form.

The first thing you should pay attention to when doing eye makeup is whether that makeup is suitable for your eye structure. So it’s not just a smoky eye look just because it looks sexy. Try to bring out the natural state of your eyes. Do not overuse the eyeshadow palette.

If you don’t use concealer against dark circles…

The most valuable of make-up must-haves are concealers. This work, which helps to brighten the eyes, also helps to equalize your color tone. For this reason, it should take its place in the middle of the indispensable works of your make-up bag.

Ignoring the eye form while applying eyeliner

Applying eyeliner requires more skill than you might think. If your eyelids are low, the eyeliner, whose tip is pulled straight up, will not look popular in your eyes. It is useful to draw eyeliner with as steady movements as possible.

Drawing black pencil on the inside of the eye

Another mistake made is to draw a pencil inside the eye. Especially ladies with small eyes should never make this mistake. Instead, you can make your eyes look bigger by using a white or light colored pencil.