Skin care tips for New Year’s Eve

There are only a few days left before we leave another year behind with its pain, joy and surprises. Meticulous dinners, crowded parties or crazy street parties… Celebration preparations continue at full speed to welcome a new year full of excitement and hopes. So, is your skin ready for New Year’s Eve? It is not a problem to have a nice and well-groomed skin, and more importantly, a healthy-looking skin in the new year.

Swedish beauty tech brand Foreo has compiled a list of tips for having skin that looks radiant on New Year’s Eve and fresh the next morning. Here are care tips that you can apply quickly to meet the new year with dazzling skin!

Highlight your skin’s natural glow

For New Year’s Eve, you can look extraordinary even with your simple make-up that you apply to your well-moistened skin while dealing with gift shopping, table preparations and many other details. For this, you can rely on special skin cleansing products that make skin care easier than ever before. Facial cleaning devices, which help the maximum absorption of your daily care cream, also offer a hygienic care ritual 35 times more than plastic or nylon material facial cleaning devices, with the ability to prevent bacterial accumulation.

Before you start your Christmas make-up, use a protective base on your skin.

On New Year’s Eve, the party will continue until the first light of the morning. Naturally, the make-up you apply should be long-lasting and permanent. For a make-up that does not flow overnight, definitely apply some make-up before applying techniques to your skin. In this way, your skin looks smoother and maintains the moisture stability throughout the night.

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Cleanse your skin deeply before going to sleep

The New Year’s party was perfect, you laughed a lot, you had a lot of fun and you are very tired, you probably don’t even have to take off your make-up… Do not be lazy, remove your make-up so that you can take your place with your glowing skin at the first breakfast of the year. If your facial cleansing device is one of the ultra-hygienic silicone designed face cleaning devices, thanks to the T-sonic vibrations of these devices, you will both get the maximum benefit from your skin cleanser and clean up 95% of the oil, dirt and make-up residues accumulated on your skin.

Don’t forget to moisturize your skin!

After cleaning your skin and completing the final touch with the tonic, wait 15 minutes before applying moisturizer and care cream to your skin and let your skin ventilate properly. Afterwards, apply the water-based moisturizer you use for the face first, and your eye cream for the final touch of your skin care routine after an average of 5 minutes. Also, do not forget to consume 7-8 glasses of water and beverages containing natural antioxidants a day to prevent your skin from drying out.