5 golden rules for a brand new skin in the new year

Our skin is the largest organ we have. When we do not clean our skin properly, expose it to the sun in defense and do not take care of the skin regularly, it can suffer significant damage. It is not difficult to prevent wear, protect and relax the skin. Here are 5 golden rules recommended by Herbalife Nutrition experts to make your skin smooth as you enter a brand new year…

1. Find the truth cleanser for your skin
Cleanliness is the first and most valuable step of skin care. It is a big mistake to use bar soap as a habit to clean your skin. Many of the bar soaps produced for body cleanliness contain purity aspects that are not appropriately gentle for your face and have a rather heavy scent. The easiest way to find the right cleanser for your skin is to test the skin.
– If you have oily skin, a lightweight foaming gel that focuses on sebum levels may be the go-to for you.
– If you have dry skin, you should choose a cleanser that moisturizes while cleansing your skin. For this, you can choose lotion-based products.

2. Distance yourself from the sun!
Although you may feel more comfortable with a bronze skin, the sun can leave irreversible damage to your skin. It is extremely valuable to use a sunscreen and to protect your skin from the damaging UVA and UVB rays of the sun by staying away from the solarium at all costs. Because these rays, which burn the skin, are one of the most valuable causes of premature aging. Sunscreens play a critical role in protecting the skin. Moreover, tanning lotions have come a long way and they no longer provide a tile, artificial tan. Even better, thanks to these works, you can tour bronze 12 months of the year!

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3. Avoid very exfoliating applications
A proper exfoliation and polishing process can help your skin look like baby skin, but too much of everything is wasted. Of course, it is important to clean your face and skin regularly from dead skin, however, it is necessary to be gentle while doing this. Remember, your skin is a living organ and requires care. You don’t want your skin to be red and irritated due to over-exfoliation. Therefore, you should be moderate in cleaning and exfoliating.
– While cleaning or moisturizing, apply soft and gentle circular movements to make your skin look pleasant.
– You can’t get a smooth result by rubbing your skin too much.

4. Do not squeeze your pimples
It is a fact that squeezing acne is an irresistible temptation. But we have to resist the temptation to play with pimples. Whenever you play around with a pimple, you run the risk of exacerbating the problem. By playing with your acne, you can cause the bacteria to spread to other parts of your face. That little spot that you find bothersome can get bigger and redden. What’s more, it can even leave a lasting mark. Resist the urge to squeeze your pimples, no matter what it’s worth, and be patient and wait for this storm to pass.

5. Reduce the tension
The negative effects of sleeplessness and tension on your skin are much more than you imagine. It is almost impossible to look perfect when you are tired and stressed. When you’re stressed, your skin loses its shine and radiance, while under-eye circles become darker and more obvious. This makes people look older than they are. Let’s not forget that the “beauty sleep” ritual has a reason. The key to looking neat is eternal rest. Don’t forget to think about your skin and get a proper night’s sleep, unwind and relax.


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