Practical beauty habits for business life

You should pay attention to your physical appearance in business life. Using clothing and make-up items in a strategic way will help you position yourself as a reference in your field and create your own personal brand. This is why you need to establish practical pleasant habits and routines. Style, Image and Brand consultant Dr. Burçak Ilıman made offers for readers.

Routine maintenance is very valuable in order not to neglect your personal image. For this, choosing an easy hairstyle that will complement your style, tending to simple looks that will allow you to spend less time on manicure, or having permanent nail polish in models such as nude tones and french nail polish that will make you comfortable for 1-2 weeks, turn to lighter makeup and save time on the skin. dedicating it to your care and physical well-being can help you create a much more successful style.

Choose functional hairstyles for business: It can be a ponytail for it. With a ponytail, you look feminine and you don’t need to spend a lot of time on dryers and stylers.

This news may interest you:  Try to keep your nails short. In this way, maintenance will be easy and fast. Applying nail polish in a light tone also saves you time. If you are a little more fond of your ornament, you can have applications such as permanent nail polish. For this, we can recommend you to choose nude tones that will harmonize your style with all kinds of clothes or to have french nail polish.

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Remove daytime makeup from your life as much as possible. . Take care of your skin by using a moisturizing cream and sunscreen every morning. Healthy skin will also help you project a bright and healthy image.

● Use makeup strategically, never overdo it.Opt for natural-looking makeup that enhances it without changing it visually, it will make you look alive and will not take long.
Use mascara that you can apply quickly for your eyelashes, a neutral shade that accentuates your face, a soft blush that adds color to your cheeks, and a natural-toned lipstick. The application of this make-up will take no more than 10 minutes each morning.

● Get healthy lifestyle habits, Eat consistently, get proper sleep each night, and train regularly. These habits will help you concentrate better and have more power.