Persistent bad breath can be a sign of tongue cancer!

Bad breath is a very disturbing situation in society. This disease, which also disturbs the person himself, is an issue that should be taken seriously. Bad breath is not always as pure as it seems. Experts have important caveats in this regard. If you do everything, but you can’t get rid of your bad breath, be careful! This may be the harbinger of a very important disease. So what causes bad breath that doesn’t go away? The answer to this question, Nose Throat and Head and Neck Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. We learned from Mehmet Akdağ. Here are all the curiosities!

Tongue cancer is an overlooked disease

Specialist Dr. Mehmet Akdağ said that cancer of the tongue is not well known both in the public and in the scientific arena, and that it is a disease that is overlooked. Underlining that not every wound in the mouth is related to cancer of the tongue or throat, the specialist physician reminded that there may be many reasons for these wounds. He said it was something not to be missed. Experts say that an otolaryngologist should definitely be examined for wounds in the mouth that last longer than 15 days, in order to distinguish between mouth or tongue cancer.

May be a sign of tongue cancer

Bad breath, which emerges as the most valuable problem when communicating, is actually not as innocent as it seems. Bad breath caused by sores in the mouth that do not go away can be a harbinger of language cancer. Experts stated that smoking can also cause language cancer and even increases this risk, adding that early diagnosis is vital.

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Wounds in the mouth can be painful or painless. But here, painless wounds are more important. Bad breath is in the middle of the late period symptom of language cancer. In advanced ulceral lesions related to the root of the tongue and the base of the tongue, if there is decay in the wound areas, an area such as a crater is formed, and there is decay with food residue. With decay and bacteria, bad breath occurs when the person talks or breathes. This bad breath can sometimes be a symptom of unexpected language cancers outside the routine.”

Smoking is always a big factor.

As it is the cause of many throat and throat cancers, smoking is among the most valuable causes of language cancer. One of the valuable reasons other than smoking is the lack of dental and oral hygiene. In individuals who cannot do dental care, oral care, and tooth brushing, both infection and tumoral development are issues. If a tongue tumor is suspected after the examination, a biopsy should definitely be taken from there. If cancer is found as a result of the biopsy, the operation is performed depending on the location of the wound. Early diagnosis in the disease is very valuable. If diagnosed at an early stage, the problem of patients is solved with small treatments.