What causes white spots on the face is the reason for make-up residues!

What causes white spots on the face is the reason for make-up residues!

White spots, which are known to appear due to sunspots, make-up residues, and remnants of skin care products, can turn into skin problems that we cannot tolerate. These white spots, called milia, are actually quite common and can be treated with some skin care products, unless you’re dealing with an important type. We have compiled all the information you wonder about white spots for you in our content. Here are the causes of white spots and treatment methods to get rid of them!

Sun exposure is the most valuable reason

Milia are small bumps filled with keratin. Because your skin is not capable of exfoliating naturally, sometimes these buildups can cause these types of whiteheads to form. Experts say that long-term exposure to the sun, especially, has a great effect on the formation of milia.

Make-up residue also causes

One of the other reasons is that the excess from make-up and skin care products creates blockages. Milia can happen to anyone, regardless of skin type and age, and they are especially heavy on the face, around the nose and eyes. However, it can also appear on the hands and arms.

Ways to Get Rid of Milia

Do not squeeze milia

Whatever you do, don’t pick or squeeze them. Instead try to use artifacts that promote gentle exfoliation and cell turnover. Avoid harsh artifacts that will irritate and redden the skin. Experts especially touch on the fact that products that will stimulate cell turnover, such as glycolic acid and retinol, can gently dissolve these cysts. However, if people who use these products have sensitive skin, it is recommended to test them beforehand.

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Apply sunscreen

Another suggestion of experts is to use natural sunscreen in a regular form. Because, as we mentioned, the sun is one of the most valuable reasons for the formation of milia. For this reason, it is vital to use sunscreen.

Do not use petroleum-based care products!

Non-comedogenic ingredients should be preferred in skin care products, especially since very heavy, comedogenic products can cause milia formation. In the same way, petroleum-based ingredients can cause milia formation.

How long does it take for milia to disappear?

These tiny cysts may disappear in the middle of a few weeks to a few months. What kind of trauma the skin is exposed to and which artifacts are used can determine how long it will last. If you did not get a response from the works you used, you can contact a dermatologist to have an analysis of your issue with more professional works.