Makeup Colors According to Your Zodiac Sign

You can reflect your style by using make-up colors and techniques according to your zodiac sign. By using astrological energy, you can present your beauty from a higher dimension.

  • Signs Included in the Water Cluster

In the middle of the water cluster signs; including crab, scorpion and fish. Green tones reflecting the water are ideal choices for these signs. Especially wet headlight looks and glittering powder headlights can be preferred. A natural look can be achieved by using bright-multiple colors with mother-of-pearl reflections and reminiscent of mermaid’s scales.

  • Signs Included in the Fire Cluster

In the middle of the fire cluster signs; ram, lion and bow. Using black tones for eye differences and choosing natural red lipsticks will allow you to make up for your zodiac sign.

  • Soil Cluster Bushes

In the middle of the earth cluster bushes; Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Doing eye make-up with brown and earth colors presents your characteristic features. You can make a stylish make-up with bright lipsticks in peach tones and blush in the color of onion peel.

  • Air Set Bushes

Independent and apologetic women are in the middle of the air cluster signs; Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. Blue tones are in the middle of the colors that best suit this set. Even blue mascara can be used, and make-up suitable for zodiac signs can be made with glittering navy blue tones and purple tones.

Light pink and transparent lipsticks can be applied to the lips. Women in this zodiac sign, which symbolizes the sky, can achieve a warm appeal with bronze, gold bright blushes as a reflection of the sun.

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