Make-up Enhances Your Beauty

Men like naturalness” is a completely false sentence. Men like the natural body, yes, they do not get much pleasure from aesthetics. But what all men in general refer to as “care” is essentially make-up. Do not neglect the make-up, even if it is light, to reinforce your beauty.

Don’t Exaggerate Make Up

You are not on the screen, nor on the stage. In your daily life, adding a little color to your skin will make you look more energetic. In layers foundations, there is no need to apply powders. While presenting an artificial appearance, when your partner kisses you, they kiss tiny powders mixed with powdery scent, not the actual texture of your cheek.

A light blush is a must have. Pencil or eyeshadow and definitely mascara should be used on the eyes. It not only adds meaning to your eyes but also makes you more energetic and positive. Teracotta blushes, apply mineral blushes and transparent-looking powders lightly, do not apply oil-like lipsticks to your lips.

One of the things that men dislike the most is exaggerated lipsticks. Especially cool tones without tile colors, purple tones or lip colours. It presents sexually repulsive emotions. Your own lip color is sexier and more real than any lipstick. You can use slightly moist and flavored lipsticks in the style of lipstick.

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