From the past to the present! Hime cut haircut fashion

The futuristic style is very popular in the fashion line that we have opened this year. Trendy styles were shaped again with the travel that opened to the old periods. We started to see this not only in clothes but also in hair parts. The ‘Hime cut’ hair section, which adds a new air to the hair, is a module of these trend trends.

The hime cut haircut, which is based on Japan, means ‘princess’ in Japanese. Known in the Heian era in Japan, this cut is also included in Prada’s 2021 Spring/Summer collection. Although the Hime cut hair section seems to have emerged today, it dates back to ancient periods.

This hair section, which is becoming more and more popular among TikTok users, draws attention with its sharp lines. This hair section, which can be used in many directions, also provides a lot of comfort in use.

This cut, which can be used both short and long, actually draws attention with its naturalness. Although styling requires effort, you can use this hair section both curly and straight.

How can you style a Hime hair section?

Stylist Skip Fellers says you can use both straight and wavy for the Hime cut hair section. This hair part, which mostly requires heat and hair care products, stands out with its tendency to be styled. Fellers, who says that the most valuable point in this hair section is the bangs, suggests that you should start with shaping the bangs first.