French women’s makeup secrets

They always have the perfect makeup look. Their skin is plump, smooth and shiny, and their brows look effortlessly straightened. They radiate such a natural pinkness to their cheeks that it makes you wonder what their secret is. But worry no more, because we’ve uncovered six makeup tips for French girls.

1 Skin care

It all depends on skin preparation more than makeup. The most precious thing is to take care of your skin. The plump and glow that appears in the make-up of French women comes from the fact that they take care of their skin very properly. Before applying a nice makeup look, you need a good skin care routine. You should massage, mask often, and moisturize well. To prepare the skin for make-up, you need to clean and moisturize.

2 Red lipstick

A French make-up routine is unthinkable without red lipstick… Since the pandemic, many people’s make-up preferences have changed. Humans are spending more time on their skin and have replaced their lipstick with a balm. But we all know that a red lip that you can’t take your eyes off of is probably the most iconic French makeup look.

3 Incorrect use of mascara

The secret to a great look is to hide the makeup completely. This is something French ladies do very neatly. The whole point is to make your skin look fresh and bright, and with just one measure of mascara, your eyes will reflect that too. Move the brush to the roots of your eyelashes and drag them by curling them to the ends.

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4 Foundation is not precious

French girls prefer to use light water-based and liquid foundations. Because he doesn’t want to cover the care you make for your skin with foundation. You can use illuminating CCs to moisturize the skin properly and then give it a bright glow.

You can use 5 lipsticks on any area.

A great French girl makeup routine doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. She uses her lipstick for almost everything. She uses it as lipstick on her lips, as a blush on her cheeks and even as a shadow on her eyes. If you do the distribution of lipstick well in the areas you use, you will get a wonderful look.

6 Liquid works are indispensable

When it comes to trying to achieve that iconic French girl glow, powders and full-coverage matte works fall behind. Liquid artifacts hydrate the skin much more evenly and look more radiant than matte artifacts.