There may be a step you skip in your makeup and skincare routines: makeup brush cleanliness. If you are complaining about clogged pores and acne problem that you can’t solve, the reason may be dirty makeup brushes. While residues on makeup brushes can cause many skin problems and infections, at the same time, your pores can become clogged and it may be difficult to apply makeup. But don’t worry too soon! You don’t need to always buy a new set of makeup brushes either. All you need is a decent makeup brush cleaner!

Cleaning your makeup brushes from sebum and bacteria is one of the most precious beauty routines, but there are many different options for this. Make-up removal mats, dry sponges, sterilized sprays or lotions that stick to the sink… You have different options for cleaning your make-up brushes. With these works that will make your life easier, you can save both time and hygiene!

You can review the 15 makeup brush cleaners we have chosen for you in the photo gallery…


Pro Performance HD Airbursh Cleanser Brush Cleaner, $259 MAC COSMETICS

This cleaner, which extends the life of your brushes with regular use, even removes silicone-based foundations.


Makeup Brush Cleansing Spray, £20.25 ISOCLEAN

This spray, which cleans your brushes from bacteria, dust, dirt, sebum and dead cells, comes to be a module of your skin care routine. This spray, which cleans even the most stubborn dirt with its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, allows you to apply makeup without clogging your pores.

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Dry Brush Brush Cleaning Sponge, 179 TL FENTY BEAUTY

This dry make-up brush cleaning sponge, which quickly and easily cleans the powder pigment from the bristles, cleans your make-up accessories without the need for soap and water.


Brush Cleaning Spray, 75 TL INGLOT

This alcohol-based spray, which has a gentle and effective formula with the aim of cleaning the brushes completely, prevents the brushes made of natural and synthetic bristles from being wasted. This spray, which keeps your brushes soft for a long time, extends their life at the same time.


Brush Cleaner Soap, 69.90 TL SEPHORA COLLECTION

Created to clean brushes, this solid soap prolongs the life of your brushes. While protecting the brush bristles, this product, which provides easy cleaning with its soft formula, removes even the most stubborn residues.


Liquid Blender Cleaner, £16 BEAUTYBLENDER

This work, which cleans the bacteria along with the make-up residues on your make-up sponges, removes all stains with its smart formula. Meyyit This cleanser, containing sea salts and coconut extracts, deeply cleans your make-up sponges.


On the Spot Brush Cleaner, 109.99 TL NYX COSMETICS

This apparatus, which was created to clean your makeup brushes without wearing them, does not wear out the bristle structure while cleaning. Thanks to its serrated surface, this apparatus, which cleans not only the brush tips but also the interior parts, will be an indispensable part of your collection.


Brush Cleaner, 83 TL BOBBI BROWN

Designed to clean make-up residues without damaging brushes, this product extends the life of your make-up accessories.



Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer, £29.99 TL STYLPRO

This cleaning set, which cleans and dries your make-up brushes in seconds, can be used with natural and synthetic brushes. With this set, which makes a gentle application while cleaning all the residues, you can use your make-up accessories like the first day you bought them.


Brush Cleaner, $164.30 DIOR

This brush cleaner, which professionally cleans your Dior brushes and other makeup brushes, dries pretty fast. This product, which provides deep purity with its anti-bacterial formula, is a must for hygiene.


Makeup Brush Cleaner, 139.90 TL ESTEE LAUDER

This cleaner, which gently and carefully cleans and sterilizes both natural and synthetic-tipped make-up brushes, prolongs the life of your make-up brushes.


Make-up Remover Mat, 199 TL SIGMA BEAUTY SPA

This mat, which contains 7 patented textures for cleaning both eye and face brushes, is used by placing it in the sink.


Makeup Brush Cleaner, 79 TL CLINIQUE

This work, which deeply cleans the residues on the makeup brush, prolongs the life of the brush bristles without damaging them.


Brush Cleaner Spray, 89 TL SMASHBOX

This spray, which has a fast-drying formula, prolongs the life of your makeup brushes by disinfecting them. This work, which gently cleans the residues on natural and synthetic brushes, dries in 1-2 minutes.


Brush Cleaning Foam, 192.57 TL ARTIS

This cleaning foam, which allows you to protect your brushes with the best quality, cleans and disinfects your brushes in minutes.