Known for her brown hair, Emily Ratajkowski headed for a radical change for the summer.

We would not have thought that Emily Ratajkowski, who only cuts her own hair, as well as celebrities who dyed their hair pink, blue and even all rainbow colors during the quarantine period, would turn to such a hairstyle change.

Ratajkowski, the face of Kerastase, told Elle America about her new hairstyle. Ratajkowski, who looked in the mirror after the quarantine and said that he needed a change, said, “I was seeing many of my fans edit me as blonde. I’ve been in love with wigs for a long time. After talking to Kerastase, I decided to make this exchange. With their support, we did the painting process yesterday,” he said.

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BLONDE. Thank you @kerastase_official ???? #kerastase

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Ratajkowski stated that the painting process took hours and said that he sat in the chair at 9 am and got up at 4 in the afternoon. Ratajkowski, who stated that the first step, the second step, the third step, was studied in detail to make everything true, said that first a mask was made on his hair and then the hair follicles were corrected. Ratajkowski said he wanted a brighter tone instead of ashy blonde.

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Adding that he looks at tons of photos for inspiration, Ratajowski said that he took a look at the models of the 90s, and later he was inspired by Pamela Anderson and Sharon Tate. Ratajkowski, who said that he was very nervous when he sat in the hairdresser’s chair, but was very happy with his change later on, expressed that he was excited to try new clothes and make-up styles for his new hair.

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Our muse @emrata went blonde and we can’t get enough of it! Thank you, Emily, for the trust! Co-creating this transformation with you was fun, we are here to deva for your blonde 😉 . . ???? @tomtakesphotoss . . #BlondAbsolu #YouDareWeCare #KerastaseClub

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Ratajowski, who added that he did not change the color of his hair or make a radical hair section throughout his life, said that he was pleased to come out of this new era with a completely different image. Saying that pleasantness should be fun, Ratajkowski added that he had fun with his blonde hair like never before. Sharing her change on Instagram, Emrata can inspire you for a daring hairstyle! .