As employees of the press department for years, we have been informed about innovations before anyone else, we have tried the works that have not been released, we learned about fashion and trends first, and we had the chance to see many applications closely. These are the visible and attractive aspects of the job for us. All these experiences have another aspect that you do not know about and that we cannot even admit to ourselves. what? Being a little cowardly (let’s not say cowardly) heartless…

There is a saying that ‘the tailor cannot sew his own ripped’. A person uses his expertise to be useful to others, but does not have the opportunity to use this expertise for his own benefit, or he neglects himself. This was how it went until now. I’m the tailor here. Until recently, for an interview, Dr. Until he met Abdülkadir Göksel. As a middle-aged person who grew up living in the world of skin care, skin cleansing, cosmetic creams, color cosmetics and medical applications, I had the audacity to say ‘come on’ to small applications for the first time. In fact, with the strength I got from the results and the positive power of the expert, I took it a step further and created an opportunity for my groupmates to try it. Because after hundreds of aesthetic interviews I have done for many years, I felt ready to try something for the first time, I trusted our doctor. And when I got to the office, I told our conversations so excitedly that we always decided to go on a trip together.

What you will read below are the first-hand impressions of me and my colleagues who have had different applications made.

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Specializing in nose and facial aesthetics, ENT, filling, thermage, radiofrequency, rhinolight and botox, Op. Dr. Abdülkadir Göksel receives his patients at RinoIstanbul in Şaşkınbakkal. On the first appointment, he chats with his patients for a long time and removes the question marks in their heads.


Photo Editor

The folded, wrinkled images and spaces in the tissues of the upper eyelid; It makes the eyes look old and tired. These hollow areas appear dark because they cannot reflect the light coming into the eye and its surroundings. The recommendation of the doctors you go to with this complaint, which increases with age, can usually be eyelid surgery. It is possible for me to avoid this practice where the lids are cut because it is a touch that can change your expression. (Still, the eyelid trimming process can certainly be a suitable formula for treating droopy eyelids.) But that’s not the way to clear my mind, Dr. Abdülkadir Göksel understood at first glance and offered a treatment that I had not heard before. This is called filling or fat injection to the upper eyelid. If fat is to be injected, this fat is taken from your body and applied to the empty parts. It is long-term and partially tedious, but a permanent result is obtained. In my case, light filling was injected into the hollowed out areas in the upper part of the eye. After the doctor’s 15-minute intervention, I officially regained my youthful gaze. Ordinary I am shocked! I regretted for a long time how I had not heard of this painless and effortless as well as fast way before.

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Beauty Editor

After a little chat with the doctor in the chair I was sitting on, we decided that a slight change would be enough for me. Since my Marionette lines, which actually go down from the corner of the lip to the chin level, disturbed me even slightly, that was the primary purpose. These lines are formed as a result of the loss of subcutaneous volume due to the following years and the real sagging of the face with the effect of gravity. In my case, there is another valuable factor that influences this: I don’t talk too much and I always smile. These light lines that bother me, Dr. Abdülkadir Göksel lightened it using dermal filler. (I used it sparingly because I wanted a natural look.) After that, as a second touch, since I smoked, she filled two wrinkles on my upper lip that were just above the cubed. In my opinion, this quickly had a noticeable effect. Because when viewed from the outside, my upper lip started to look more lifted and fuller. This also pleased me. It will be interesting on the sofa I was sitting on, but a small application was made for my crow’s feet. Abdülkadir Bey applied baby botox on my crowbar line, which he had seen the longest. This also lightened the appearance of one deep line that stood out when I laughed. These are my new year gifts. I can say that it helped me become more comfortable with myself as I approached my 50s. In four months, I will sit in that chair again. Let’s see what I’ll do then, I wonder too.



Topics Editor

Although I don’t like the interventions made on the face area, which I believe change the expression a lot, I think that the under-eye light filling, which I have tried and loved in previous years, has positive and natural effects when applied in real life. Dear Dr. to try the under-eye light filling, which is a treatment technique that enhances the skin color by increasing the hydration level in the depth of the skin tissues, and gives flexibility and smoothness. I knocked on Abdülkadir Göksel’s door. Abdülkadir, who puts his patients at ease with his smiling face, positive demeanor and the sense of trust he evokes, first applied a detention filler. Immediately after the application, a visible lightening, swelling and relief was noticed in that area. In addition, Abdülkadir Bey’s use of cannula in the process reduced the possibility of side effects and prevented the occurrence of conditions such as swelling and bruising. Contrary to the sympathy I have for the under-eye light filling, I took a break from botox applications until Dr. Until he met Abdülkadir Göksel. With botox applied using the brand new molecule botulinum toxin A, in accordance with my muscle anatomy and my expectations, both my lines decreased noticeably and I did not encounter negative results such as change of expression, absence of facial expressions and eyebrow lift. Dr. As a result of Abdülkadir Göksel’s under-eye light filling and botox application, my face became younger with a naturalness that even the closest of me would not notice (isn’t that the secret, actually?) and gained a much healthier, rested and smooth appearance.


Taken from the January issue of ELLE.