A first in the world: Aesthetics center with Covid-19 reliability certificate: Vanity Estetik

In 2016, Op.Dr. Founded by Güray Yeşiladalı and his two childhood friends, Vanity Estetik has successfully passed the nearly 100 criteria required for Temos Covid-19 Reliability certificate and became the first Aesthetics center in Turkey and in the world to receive the Covid-19 Reliability certificate. it happened.

He became the first in the world

Established in Germany in 2010, TEMOS is an accreditation company that offers healthcare organizations the opportunity to improve themselves in the field of medical and service quality. TEMOS, which has offices in 13 countries around the world, has started to issue Covid-19 Reliability Certificate, which is the 8th certification program within the scope of coronavirus measures, for hospitals that want to improve themselves by taking Covid-19 measures in the field of health along with the pandemic. While a total of 8 companies in Turkey have participated in the certificate program of TEMOS, 6 private hospitals in total have the Covid-19 Reliability certificate, while Vanity Aesthetics received this certificate and became the first “aesthetics center” in Turkey and the world.

Mission; With its warmth, belief and expert group, Vanity has demonstrated this once again as the first aesthetic center to receive the TEMOS covid-19 Reliability certificate.

“We documented the trust of our patients”

Op. Dr. Güray Yeşiladalı stated that it was very enjoyable because they successfully completed the processes and that they had taken the necessary precautions from the very beginning of the process, since they thought first of all about the health of their patients in this powerful pandemic period. He stated that they were voluntarily kept under control by an external autonomous institution, and that he was very proud as they were the first aesthetic hospital in the world, which was entitled to receive a certificate after successfully completing nearly 100 criteria at the end of this process.

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He stated that after the certification process they received as Vanity Aesthetics, TEMOS’s feedback to them is also very valuable and that they will continue to take the necessary measures for greater patient satisfaction and reliability. Stating that Turkey is in a very valuable position in aesthetic tourism and that they continue to host patients from all over the world by taking precautions regarding Covid-19 during the pandemic period, Dr. Guray Yesiladali, “We wanted our patients who want to document their trust in us and prefer us to be in contact with us with peace of mind.”used the phrases.