What is Beauty? According to the survey, inner beauty is more important for women now

Watsons’ “What is Beauty?” survey results show that inner pleasantness is becoming more and more valuable day by day! “What is Beauty?” by Watsons in collaboration with WISE. published the results of the survey.

What is pleasant? Inner pleasantness becomes more precious day by day

The reputable brand of women, Watsons, is always proud to listen to women and try to understand their needs and preferences. Especially after the effects of COVID-19, which has deeply affected our lives for 2 years, have decreased, Watsons; conducted a survey to understand “how women’s perception of pleasantness has evolved” amid more than 100 million loyal customers around the world.
Watsons “What is Beauty?” For her latest survey, entitled, she surveyed more than 11,000 women under the age of 45 in 12 markets in Asia and Europe on how they value and define pleasant in the things around them in the wake of the strong pandemic period. 75% of surveyed women (Philippines 96%, Malaysia 91%, Thailand 86%, Hong Kong 83%, Taiwan 82% and Turkey 50%) agree that inner pleasantness is more valuable than ever.

When “the definition of beauty” is asked, “Taking care of your well-being from the inside out” is at the top of the list, while “Feeling self-confident” and “Feeling happy” come in second and third places.

“New Beauty” project emphasizes the value of inner beauty in women

“What is the most pleasant thing in life?” Almost half of the women surveyed think that the most pleasant thing in life is to look nice and conform to the people, communities, and even the planet we live in. Watsons Turkey, with the cooperation of the Foundation for the Revaluation of Women’s Labor, the works produced in more than 200 women’s cooperatives supported by KEDV are available in selected stores, and Watsons Portable Application in order to support women’s economic empowerment and local production without making any profit. brings it together with its customers. Watsons Turkey supports women’s labor in Social Sustainability within the scope of its Sustainable Longevity Strategy, which it has been carrying out with KEDV for 2 years.


Merve Ürkün, Marketing Connection and Sustainability Cluster Manager at Watsons Turkey, said, “The most pleasant thing in life is to be able to produce social benefits for our loved ones, all the people we can touch, nature and all living things during the time we live. We are a part of the world, not the owner. When we live with this consciousness, we can beautify both our own lives and the lives of everyone we touch, and we can create smiles on their faces.” says.

Malina Ngai (CEO, AS Watson Asia & Europe) believes it’s time for customers to strengthen each other as they slowly emerge from the pandemic crisis. “The survey results redefine what pleasant means in people’s minds. Beauty is a way of making people feel competent, pleasant and confident. Increasing a woman’s self-confidence is no longer just about outer beauty; instead, it’s about helping women shine from the inside out.”

“This is why Watsons is launching the ‘New Beauty’ project to encourage women to look beautiful, straighten and feel extraordinary. The ‘New Beauty’ project, which has a range of activities across Asia, will have three overarching themes, ‘Green, Smile and Empower’, aiming to actively engage its community of more than 100 million loyalty members.

At Ngai.”Watsons, we believe in the “New Beauty” that is enough for everyone. To us, pleasantness comes from within. Pleasantness is how we treat ourselves and those around us, how we live, who we are and who we can become. Pleasure is in all of us and for all of us! ” he finishes.

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