10 makeup mistakes that make you look older than you are

Make-up is one of the applications that helps us to close the imperfections in our skin and to provide a more lively and fit look. However, while you want to look more dynamic and nice with make-up, you run the risk of looking older than you are due to exaggerated applications. Here, as, we will talk about the common mistakes made in make-up.

1. Do not use too much concealer

The first thing that comes to our mind is to use concealer to balance your skin color, to cover blemishes on your skin or to hide under-eye circles or circles. However, the form of driving the concealers we use is very valuable. Using too much concealer makes wrinkles clearer, while heavy concealers applied around the eyes change our definition. To prevent this, thin, liquid concealer artifacts should always be chosen.

Key point:If you want your skin to look more lively and natural, you can also choose concealers with a slight shimmer.

Here, we need to include the words of Make-Up Artist Rıfat Yuziak: Those who removed their make-up from the 2000s to the present day are the celebrities whose beauty is mentioned the most. Undoubtedly, Ebru Gündeş is the name whose make-up is the most admired and a phenomenon with her make-up in Turkey and even in the Middle East. Imagine that Ebru Gündeş, who is such a phenomenon and trendsetter, was one of the first celebrities to remove her make-up”.

2. Your eyebrows should not be a double path

Coloring your eyebrows with darker colors than their natural color, filling them in and around them too much is one of the big makeup mistakes. Famous Make-Up Artist Rıfat Yüzakak states that there is no such thing as eyebrows compared to face form. Because everyone’s eyebrow is actually compared to their face. The aim here should be to close any mistakes, if any, and to fill in some gaps if necessary. The choice of eyebrow pencil color is also very valuable here. Filling and combing the gaps in your eyebrows with a light eyebrow pencil of a natural shade of your eyebrow color is enough for a natural and attractive eyebrow look.

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Key point: If your eyebrow structure is very thin and tends to fall out, apply eyeshadow in a color suitable for your eyebrows instead of eyebrow pencils and dyes. Because eyebrow pencils and brushes can lead to deterioration of eyebrow roots and shedding of your eyebrows. Therefore, fill your eyebrows with light touches without applying too much pressure on your eyebrow bases. In particular, do not rush the application of eyebrow coloring.


“If you don’t feel beautiful, then you should go back and look in the mirror. You have to find out why you don’t feel appropriate. Because you continue to put on that makeup even though you don’t feel right, it will reflect on your face, as well as on the person next to you. So wipe off the makeup and see how you feel beautiful.” – Make-up Artist Rifat Yuziak

3. Do not apply too much mascara to the lower lashes

4. Do not apply dark shadows to your entire eyelid.

If you want an effective look, it will be sufficient to apply the dark color differences by distributing them only to the outer part of your eyes.

5. Do not draw pencils under your eyes

Using dark pencils under the eyes will make your eyes look smaller. If you want your eyes to look more attractive and bigger, apply white or pink pearlescent eyeliners to the inner area of ​​your eyes.

6. Say goodbye to dark blushes!

dark or heavy in color 7. Use a color editor

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The circles under the eyes become more pronounced as you get older, but applying concealers directly under the eyes causes the circles to become more prominent and the lines to deepen. For this reason, you should use a color corrector before applying the concealer. This application will provide a brighter view.

8. Choose your lipstick color according to your lip shape

Just like mascara, lipstick is in the middle of make-up complements. However, if your lips are thin and narrow, it will be more accurate to avoid dark lipstick colors and turn to light and pearlescent lipsticks as much as possible. Because dark tones make your lips look thinner, just as they make your body look thinner in clothes.

Key point: For fuller lips, frame your lip edges with a natural-toned lip liner. But make sure that this frame is right on the lip line. The more you go out, the more your practice becomes artificial.

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A properly applied lip liner 10. Do not apply the powder in a thick layer

You can apply powder to prevent shine on your skin, cover minor imperfections and fix your make-up, but if you use too much, your face will dry out, your wrinkles will definitely be more and an artificial layer will appear. For this reason, apply the powder only to your oily areas. T-zone, chin and cheeks are sufficient. Do not apply strictly, especially around the eyes.