7 makeup tips from Makeup Expert Fezi Altun

Max Factor make-up artist Fezi Altun talked about how to achieve optimal results when using lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, foundation, eyeshadow, contour and highlighter.

Here are 7 makeup hacks from Fezi Altun that will change your life

1- Lipstick application: If you apply concealer around the lip after applying lipstick, the lips will come to the fore. If you want your lips to look fuller than they are, you should always show the middle of the lip bright. For this, you can apply the same color lip gloss with your lipstick to the middle of the lip and distribute it slowly.

2- Mascara application: While applying your mascara, you can apply mascara to all your lashes when you start from the base of the lashes and apply it with zigzag movements instead of applying it vertically to the lashes. Thus, you will have a more voluminous and bushy appearance.

3- Eyeliner application: The most valuable bet to consider when applying eyeliner is to equalize the tail of the eyeliner. If you create two small dots to determine the end point of the tail and then draw a line over that point, you will have an eyeliner with a straight and even tail.

4. How to find the right foundation color for your skin

The most valuable step when applying foundation is to find the true color. If you apply the foundation to your wrist or hand to find the true color, you will never get an even skin tone. For a flawless color, you should definitely try the foundation on your chin or cheeks. To get the most real results, you should definitely apply it with a sponge or foundation brush. Foundation applied with a brush will give a more transparent result and will give your skin the appearance that you have never applied foundation. For those who want to get a more concealing result, applying with a sponge will be a real choice.

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5- Headlight application: The most important point to be considered while applying the headlight is to start from the base of the eyelashes and apply 90 degrees to the top, instead of applying the headlight brush by moving it left and right. Thus, there will be no gaps from the bases of the eyelashes and the true color of the headlight will be revealed. If you apply eyeshadow in this form to the entire eyelid, the powder of the eyeshadow will not be poured around the eye and smeared, as in the other method, and the eyeshadow you apply will be permanent.

6- Contour application: In order to get the easiest result while applying contours, if you draw the number “3” on your temple, cheekbone and jawbone line and distribute it with the help of a brush, you will realize the most true and practical application. The contour application that continues along the hairline always reveals a more shaped face.

7- Highlighter application:While applying the highlighter, if you draw and distribute the number “2” from under the eyebrows to the top of the cheekbones, your make-up will shine perfectly.

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