Our scalp is more similar to the skin on our face than you might think. As we age, our scalp also ages, is damaged over time, exposed to UV rays and pollution, and as time passes, cellular transformation slows down.

And just as our skin takes longer to renew itself, the hair follicles on our scalp also regenerate later. As a result, our hair grows slower and thinner. To start the process, it is valuable to give what is needed to restore fuller and heavier hair growth. Fortifying your hair care routine with a scalp tonic can help relieve or alleviate your scalp issues. It is the basis for maintaining a healthy balance for the growth of hair.

What is a hair tonic?
Our scalp also ages as we age, providing nutrients is valuable so that hair growth is fuller and healthier. Hair tonic is specially designed to help stimulate blood circulation in hair follicles for healthy hair growth.

Whether your hair is thinning, splitting at the ends, or falling out more than usual, hair tonic will hydrate a dry scalp, add shine to your curls, and reduce breakage and split ends. With balanced care, you can say goodbye to thinning hair, split ends and more.

Helps moisturize hair

One of the most pertinent things about a hair tonic is its amazing moisturizing potential. Hair tonics are often made with natural oils to help lubricate and moisturize your hair. Natural oils coat the hair follicles and give you the voluminous quality that is often difficult to obtain. Best of all, multiple toners can be easily applied as part of your systemic moisturizing routine.

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Tonics moisturize your hair follicles, making it easier for your hair to retain its natural oils. This results in stronger hair strands and better overall hair health. If you struggle with split ends and damaged hair, you can benefit from using hair tonics as a way to improve the overall health of your hair. Truth tonics can even help reverse the damage without ever having to make any major changes to your regular routine.

Protects your scalp
Using a hair tonic can be one of the best ways to protect your scalp. If you regularly experience damage such as dry skin or hair breakage, using a hair tonic is one of the best ways to improve your overall skin health. Practice a small measure daily and be sure to enjoy a relaxing massage while doing so.

Reduces dandruff and skin damage
Thanks to the hair tonic covering the head evenly, it is possible to reduce all kinds of scalp and hair damage, including dandruff. With your scalp less dry, your hair will not experience dandruff, which improves your overall hair health and allows you to enjoy a better sense of self.

Helps with hair styling
Especially if you want to get a tight hold that does not dry your hair; true tonic can be exceptional for contouring. First, wash and blow dry your hair. The blow dryer will open your pores and allow the tonic to penetrate your scalp. Wait until your hair is almost dry and then massage the toner into your scalp for about a minute. Then style your hair. Start small, as adding too much tonic can make your hair greasy. If the first application is not enough, add some more.

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How to use?
For best results, apply to clean scalp after shampooing. Be sure to towel dry your hair before use. Next, apply truth from the front of the head to the back of the head at half-inch intervals until the hair tonic has completely covered the scalp. Then gently massage to increase the scalp’s absorption of the hair tonic.

Hair tonics vary in their content and effect on different hair types. If you think your hair could use a little something extra, you may need a hair tonic in your life.

You can examine the 10 effective hair tonics that you need for healthier hair.


Hair Thickening Tonic
299 TL


Detox Hair Vinegar
89.90 TL


Maquis Maqui Hair Tonic for Strong + Shiny Hair250 TL


Revitalizing Hair Tonic A
347 TL


Expert Hair Tonic Biotin&Caffeine
59.95 TL


Rosemary Active V Shedding Reverse Tonic
389.90 TL


Energizing Thickening Hair Thickening Tonic
855 TL


Raspberry Vinegar & Hair Tonic
58 TL


Hair Tonic
82 TL


Hair Care Tonic Anti Loss
69.90 TL