What is Makeup Base and What Does It Do?

Using some makeup is an effective method that should be added to the make-up routine and to provide coverage, permanence and smoothing the skin. Users of some make-up they get the chance to make a much more beautiful make-up by equalizing the skin tone.

How to Use Makeup Base?

What is makeup base?

The answer to the question can actually be given as a kind of primer applied before painting the wall. Make-up base is one of the indispensable cosmetic products for a perfect make-up. Things to consider for the use of make-up can be listed as follows;

  • Before applying make-up, it is important to clean the skin first.
  • Before using make-up base, a moisturizing cream suitable for the skin structure should be used. After applying the moisturizing cream to your skin, you need to wait a minute or two.
  • Then you can apply the make-up base to your skin. You can apply the make-up base to your skin with the help of your fingers or a sponge.
  • It is enough to use a chickpea size when using make-up base.
  • When applying make-up base to your skin, you should be careful not to touch the eye area.
  • After applying the make-up base to your skin, wait a few minutes and then apply it to your foundation.

Things to Know About Makeup Base

  • Some prices of makeup varies by brand
  • Make-up base can be offered for sale in the form of gel, powder or cream. You can buy different brands according to your usage preference.
  • People who have skin problems such as cystic acne should consult a dermatologist before using make-up base. Most make-up products contain silicone-based polymers called dimethicone. This substance is put into the make-up base to increase the softening effect. In people with skin problems, this substance can cause sensitivity or allergies.
  • If there is a very hot and humid weather in the area where you live or where we are going, or on the contrary, if it is a cold and dry weather, it is useful to have some make-up with you. Since this product increases the permanence of make-up, it will be very useful in these weathers.
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