Spices Contributing to Skin Beauty and Body Health

Spices, as one of the most pleasant gifts of nature, add flavor and pleasantness to our palate for health and pleasantness. For example, cinnamon is in the middle of the most popular spices because it gives an aphrodisiac effect and an extra special formula to the skin smell. For example, coconut, the most delicious spice of desserts, while exfoliating the internal organs, it helps to remove the accumulated pulp and bacteria.

In the middle of spices that contribute to skin pleasantness and body health;

  • Cumin

With its fat burning feature and lifting effect, it keeps you in shape forever. It is a special spice that, when mixed with honey, maximizes your sexual power and provides appetite control.

  • Chilli Powder

It is a special spice that strengthens the stomach, burns fat fast and cleans the esophagus to be healthier. It also contributes to the circulatory system by supporting the blood-forming cells. It helps you stay fit all the time. In particular, Isot is the main spice of the people of the Eastern Anatolia Region, who are always fit and healthy.

  • Clove

It is a special spice that cleans the breath with its aromatic scent, facilitates digestion and digestion, and adds pleasantness and flavor wherever it enters. It is one of the flavors that increase sexual power and affect hormone production.

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