How to care for short hair, get your hair cut regularly!

We all know the basics of caring for long hair; we have to be gentle when combing the hair, we should remove the split ends, we should use conditioner… And yes, these rules actually apply to any length, but there are some tips you should pay attention to, especially for short hair, let’s take a look at them…

Get your hair cut regularly

If you think that you don’t need to go to the hairdresser for cuts because of your short hair, you are wrong. You should really visit your hairdresser at least once a month to keep your hair healthy. Your hair can grow about half an inch a month, so give your short hairstyle the care and attention it deserves to keep it fresh!

Avoid overscan

One of the first rules to follow with short hair is to avoid combing too much. Due to its length, it is very difficult to tangle, so daily combing can only ruin the hair’s natural fatty tissue. This causes your hair to become greasy faster. Therefore, be careful not to comb your short hair too often, let them stay natural.

Wash with cold water

Finishing your shower with a short, sharp spray of cold water will give your hair a longer-lasting shine. Cold water; It shocks your hair follicles and the upper skin is closed. You get a soft, shiny surface. The cold air you give while drying your hair shows the same effect.

Reduce the use of hair styling

If you have short hair, don’t condition yourself that I need to use a styler every day. Using products such as straighteners, curling irons or even a hair dryer can damage your hair. It can even cause discoloration, dryness and split ends. Moreover, since your hair is short, this damage will become much more noticeable. Therefore, it is beneficial to reduce the use of these works.


dry shampoo

It is said by many hair experts that washing our hair every day makes the hair greasy. Dry shampoo is a real savior in such situations. In fact, we think it is one of the most precious inventions of recent years for women of all hair lengths! Dry shampoos can transform your hair from greasy to shiny and full in seconds!